How To Sew Without A Needle And Thread

Do you know how to sew without a needle and thread? I didn’t know, so I did some research on what I could do when I left my sewing supplies at home. Some are temporary solutions. But some are legitimate, no-sew options that might work better than the traditional supplies.

To sew something when you don’t have a needle, you can use glue or pins, or you can make your own needle from bone, a syringe, or a paper clip.

How To Sew Without A Needle And Thread

The Fabric Glue No Sew Method

Spray Adhesive

Fabric spray is great … just spray and position fabric pieces together. It’s great for attaching quilt batting to its backing or any large fabric project. Also useful for appliques. But you can also use this glue instead of basting.

Fabric Glue

If you wanted something a little more precise, you can use fabric glue. This stuff is designed for fabric unlike regular glue. I find the stuff dries stiff (and it gets all over your fingers), but it has some great uses even if you have a needle and thread available. Fabric glue comes in all types of bottles, and you generally cut off the tip. The issue I have is that the tip tends to dry out. Fabric glue is also good to use very “tough” things that you can’t sew well like making a bow.

Fusible Bonding Tape

This stuff comes in all sorts of widths. It’s good for hemming. You can fold over and then fold over again to make a clean hem. You normally use an iron to bind it. It’s good for smaller, thin projects because you can rip it off at any size.

Fusible Sheets

This fusible stuff comes in large sheets as well. It’s great for making appliques. You normally use an iron to bind the fabric together. But you can also use it for quilt as you go projects.

Fabric Glue Stick

This stuff works a lot like a regular glue stick. It dries out easily. It’s great for attaching very small pieces.

Alternative Ways To Bind Fabric (In a Pinch)

In case you need to hem your pants, but you don’t have a needle and thread!

Safety Pins

The quintessential tool to binding two pieces of fabric together. If you flip the item over, you can use the pins on the wrong side and grab just a small amount of fabric. You can then effectively hide the pins.

Sewing Pins

Also a great way to bind two pieces of fabric together, but watch out for the pointy end. If need be, you can cut the end off. (Kitchen shears usually can cut through the pin.) In this category, you can also put nails and other type of straight pins.

Paper Clips

You can use just like clipping paper together. You can also try to use paper clip like a safety pin. Or you can straight the paper clip out if the metal is thin enough and use like thread.

Tape or Masking Tape

I personally love using masking tape because it sticks well. It sticks especially well on jersey-type fabric. But you can’t wash it. You can also use washi tape.


Hey, don’t knock a stapler. Bonus points if you can hide the staples.

Elmer’s Glue

Elmer’s glue does not last long especially in the wash. But it is great in a pinch.

Glue Stick

For the same reasons as elmer’s glue, this stuff won’t last too long.

Permanent Glue

Gorilla glue and crazy glue work too. Just don’t glue your fingers together. 🙂

Binder Clips

Not the best alternative because you can see them.

Twisty Ties

You can twist off the paper and use the metal like thread.

Finding a Needle In a Haystack

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You can use some common household items to bind your fabric together so you don’t need a needle and thread, or you can make your own needle. For thread, you can use items such as dental floss or even your hair. Or you can remove a thread from a piece of fabric you want to recycle. What other ways can you sew without a needle and thread?



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