Copyright Use Policy

Copyright Use Policy


We value and respect the hard work, dedication, and intellectually enriching work of the bloggers who took their time to create awesome content.  We occasionally feature other bloggers’ work on our web site in an effort to help other bloggers drive traffic to their sites and help our readers discover new content — as well as help out other bloggers by providing an SEO Google Backlink (which, frankly, is invaluable).  The ultimate goal of copyright is to expand the public knowledge of this unique and wonderful content.

While we occasionally provide an advertisement on our web site, the content represented in our roundups is not for commercial profit. Statistics from our Google Analytics show that others find our roundups to be very inspiring given the number of outbound links. Additionally, we also only hyperlink to the bloggers’ blog post as well as one image from their site.  We do not host any images on our server. We do not claim any copyright to any of the bloggers’ content.  These images only represent one image from their original post.  That being said, the images are provided only as a means to entice others to click on the bloggers’ posts. Finally, we do not believe that these links provide any harm to the original authors — in fact, the opposite is true — because links from our site allows these authors additional revenue in the form of traffic, email signups, and sales.  We strongly believe that our roundups provide value to the original author in much the same way that Google and Pinterest send traffic to blogs by the use of images.

However, we mean what we say when we state that we respect the works of our fellow bloggers.  If you would prefer that our site does not link to yours, please let us know by filling out the form below.

Our Blog Images

We invite other bloggers to use our images for round up purposes only — content created on your web site as a means to creating a “collection” of different blog posts.  In much the same way that we link to other bloggers’ content to help them drive traffic to their site, we ask that you only use one image per blog post in a non-commercial manner (except advertising revenue on your web site for traffic), and only as an internet hyperlink.  In other words, we do not allow any of images to be used in any print or other format, except as a blog post roundup designed to help drive traffic to our site.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any additional clarification.

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