6 Creative DIY St. Patrick’s Day Shirt Refashions

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!  You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find some refashions for St. Patrick’s Day!!  I looked for a long time on both Pinterest and Google and couldn’t come up with too much.  Here are 6 St. Patrick’s Day Refashions for all you fashionistas out there. Also, did you know how #%)&$^*( difficult it is to find St. Patrick’s Day refashion tutorials???

6 St. Patrick's Day clothing refashions and step-by-step sewing tutorials. #recycle #upcycle #refashionista #crafts #diy #clothes

6 St. Patrick’s Day Refashions

I will confess.  I was looking online for something to create for St. Patrick’s Day.  I wasn’t sure if the hubby was going to take me out … but I wanted to be ready.  I got fed up, so I made my own shamrock bleach spray t-shirt refashion.  So here are some more for you 🙂

How To Make A Bleach Design Shirt For St. Patrick’s Day

Had to start with my own 🙂

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