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  • 40+ Cool DIY Mother’s Day Crafts

    Go beyond the simple tulips or daffodils and give one of these cool DIY Mother’s Day crafts. I love homemade gifts. In the moment, jewelry or flowers might be exactly what I want. But I always keep (and remember) the ones my daughter made me. I can’t buy those in a store. Remember to take…

  • Adorable Bunny Drawstring Bag Pattern For Easter [FREE!]

    This post has been moved to my new website: FREE Adorable Bunny Ears Drawstring Bag Pattern for Easter

  • How To Cut A Heart In A Shirt For Valentine’s Day

    Do you know how to cut a heart in a shirt? I’m totally in love with making Valentine’s Day shirts. Something about the day of love makes me happy. I make a new shirt every year! So in keeping with this tradition, I’m going to give you a tutorial on how to make this heart…

  • 70+ Awesome Sewing Projects for Valentine’s Day

    Do you need some sewing projects for Valentine’s Day? Well, here is an awesome list of 70+ different things you can sew. I couldn’t help myself, and I needed to write a massive list of sewing patterns and ideas.

  • Easy Grocery Bag Sewing Pattern For Valentine’s Day

    Do you need a easy grocery bag sewing pattern? How about one for Valentine’s Day? I never have enough of these fabric bags, so I wrote up this tutorial for you. I promise, no gimmicks.

  • Free Sewing Patterns Easy

    Here are all my free sewing patterns easy that you can use and download. Each comes with full instructions. More to come soon! 🙂

  • Different Types of Sewing Machines

    This is my guide on the different types of sewing machines, along with sewing machine reviews.

  • The Awesome Feed Dogs On A Sewing Machine

    What are the feed dogs on a sewing machine? This metal piece is an important part of the sewing machine. The feed dog is a metal plate that has little gripper teeth, and it is located underneath where the needle is.

  • What Are The Basics of Sewing

    What are the basics of sewing? I’m creating a comprehensive series on how to learn the skills you need to start sewing. For beginners or advanced users alike.

  • What Are The 5 Types Of Sewing Tools?

    There are lots of sewing tools to choose from. So what are the 5 types of sewing tools? You might get overwhelmed on what to buy, but sewing doesn’t have to be complicated. Here is my list.

  • Brother Serger 1034DX Review

    Here is a Brother serger 1034DX review. In my opinion, one of the four best entry line serger machines based on the price and features. Brother makes great machines, and it won’t let you down.

  • What is a Serging Sewing Machine [Top 4 Guide]

    Are you about to have a sewing machine but wondering what is a serging sewing machine? Here’s a guide for the details you need to learn what a serger is.

  • How To Sew Without A Needle And Thread

    Do you know how to sew without a needle and thread? I didn’t know, so I did some research on what I could do when I left my sewing supplies at home. Some are temporary solutions. But some are legitimate, no-sew options that might work better than the traditional supplies.

  • Sewing or Sowing?

    Is it sewing or sowing? The difference between sewing and sowing is that sewing involves joining pieces of fabric together, while sowing involves putting seeds in the ground. People who sow seeds generally want to grow food to eat or grow beautiful flowers, trees, or shrubs. People who sew clothing together want something to wear.…

  • Link Roundups [Blog Crafting & Sewing]

    Here is a list of all my crafting, sewing, and food link roundups for blog posts. Many feature my own work. Blog owners can add their own links at the bottom of each page.

  • What To Do With T-Shirt Scraps

    Ever wonder what to do with t-shirt scraps you have leftover from all your t-shirt refashion projects? Well, I have the exact same problem, so I came up with this list of things to make using them all up.

  • Halloween Meme Costume Ideas 2019

    I’ve collected over some memes!  Dress up with one of these popular meme costume ideas 2019 version!  All easy, last minute Halloween costumes that you can make yourself.  (Want to decorate for the fall?)  And, yes, I created all of these memes!  (I did not create the costumes.)

  • DIY Fall Homemade Decorations: 25 Beautiful Ways To Celebrate The Season

    Here are some fall homemade decorations and easy autumn decorations that are simple and beautiful. Many of them are also cheap. Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I love the colors – oranges and browns – and the weather!  And what fun!  Hay rides, pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving!  And yes, the decor, too.

  • Must-Have Supplies for Sewing Beginners

    What are some of the essential supplies for sewing beginners? When you are new to sewing (or even when you are an intermediate!), you can quickly become overwhelmed with all the sewing notions and items that you might need. Here is my basic list for sewing supplies needed for new hobbyist.

  • 25 Fourth of July Crafts

    Here’s a list of 25 easy Fourth of July crafts that you can do with your kids or just to decorate for a festive party. Appropriate for young kids to adult. 25 July 4th Crafts 1. Fabulous Fourth of July Tie Dyed Dress One of my own refashioned creations – this dress as probably the…

  • 25 Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

    Please make sure to Pin images from the original website! Easy Summer Crafts for Kids, Part I 1. Milk Carton Birdhouse & Bird Feeder Kids Craft My kind of craft, making something useful and pretty right from the recycling bin. You can also paint cans and jars, too. For the cans, make sure that no…

  • 40+ Super Easter Craft Ideas For Preschoolers

    Easter time is so much fun. Here are some Easter craft ideas for preschoolers. I see a ton of crafts for adults or even older kids, but these are appropriate for the younger child.

  • 20 Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

    Here’s a list of non-lame homemade Valentine’s Day gifts for him that I came up with. I hate giving my husband gifts for Valentine’s Day because either I spend a lot of money or give him a card. And our anniversary, birthday, and Christmas. Also be sure to check out my cupcake heart picks and…

  • Non Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

    I looked up this list of non cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts for him because … well, I hate Valentine’s Day. But I also love it. I love it because my husband tells me how much he loves me, and he gives me nice things.  I hate it because I have nothing to give him – the…

  • Want A Free Baby Romper Sewing Pattern? 22 Tutorials To Download

    What could be better than a free baby romper sewing pattern? I mean, other than baby, of course. I’ve collected 22 free onsie patterns that you can download.

  • Best Sewing Machine Brands

    What are the best sewing machine brands?  There are tons of sewing machine brands on the market.  It can be very confusing to purchase a new one.  Be sure to check out my guide to what you will need in your beginner sewing box. Chart for the Best Sewing Machine Brands – 2019 Guide [sc…

  • How To Create A Bokeh Effect With Beautiful Christmas Tree Lights

    Today, I am going to show you to how to create a bokeh effect with Christmas tree lights. I love doing this, especially for portraits. They make everything sooo elegant! My helper today is Joe, who is the most patient model ever. He has to be for all those Instagram shots.

  • Hand Sewing the Hem Stitch

    I love my sewing machine, but sometimes it’s easier – and better – to hand sew something together.  I like to do a lot of sewing by hand with hemming even though it’s probably just as easy to do it by machine.  Today, I’m going to show how to do some hand sewing hem stitch.…

  • Lightroom Cropping and Rotating Tutorial

    During the holiday season, I think I may take about 1,000 photographs of my family. No joke. It’s one of the reasons that I love this time of year, because I get to combine two things that I adore: my family and photography. I will post many of these photographs on my Instagram page ……

  • How to Make Painted Gourds

    This week, I am going to show everyone a simple, yet beautiful fall decoration that you can use for your Thanksgiving centerpiece.  Painted gourds are lovely with some extra fall decor, like leaves or bold flowers in orange or red.  Perfect to start using right after the kiddos go back to school. How to Make…

  • DIY Cloth Hat Diffuser for Your DSLR

    I try to avoid using my on-camera flash because it tends to wash things out, especially people.  It also creates unsightly shadows and gives the skin illumination (which is NOT good).  In this tutorial, I am going to show you a super duper simple flash diffuser that you can create in like 5 minutes, and…

  • How To Install Lightroom Presets

    I received several emails over the past few months that my readers would really like some basic Lightroom tutorials. So, some of my upcoming blog posts will be on Lightroom and Photoshop. In this basic tutorial, I will teach you how to install a Lightroom preset.

  • 100+ Blogging Photography Resources

    This week, I am SUPER excited to launch my 100+ Blogging Photography Resources! I collected bunches of photo tips & tricks, free eCources, and information for photographers of any skill level. The best part? It’s absolutely FREE.

  • How to Photograph a Seamless White Background

    Here’s a simple product/blogging photography trick that you can use to create a seamless white background. This tip is a great way to make your photographs stand out, if you have an object that you would like to take a picture of, but you don’t want to use a flat-lay.

  • An Upcycled Knit or Crochet Rug From T Shirts

    T-shirt jersey material is soft and super absorbent, which makes it perfect material to upcycle a knit or crochet rug from t shirts.  You can make your own mat in different ways, not just crocheting or knitting – you can hook, braid, sew, or loom it too.  In this super simple tutorial, I will show…

  • Refashion a T Shirt with Bows 10 Different Ways

    I’ve been meaning to do this roundup of all my “Refashion a T Shirt with Bows 10 Different Ways” tutorials that I made over the summer, but somehow couldn’t get myself to actually publish this post.  But, at long last, today I finally have my bow tutorial roundup for everyone! 10 Ways to Refashion an…

  • Easy Freezer Peanut Butter and Jelly Panda Sandwiches for School Lunches … It’s Pandamonium Over Here!

    I love the fall, with its crisp air and pumpkins.  But, it’s also a bitter-sweet time because my babies go back to school.  It’s like the Game of Thrones finale, where you have to wait until next summer to find out what happens to your favorite characters, or, in this case, what your vacay plans…

  • Our Refashion Site is Under a Refashion!

    We’ll be back in a couple of weeks while we do a tune up and a site refashion! Meanwhile, follow me, Joe and Kitty on Instagram to see our daily adventures. My mommy says I am a good boy. #bostonterriers #ilovemybostonterrier #woofwoof #bostonterriersrock A post shared by June Gil (길 준수) (@refashionistas) on Aug 17,…

  • DIY Shorts From A Shirt

    Today, Kitty and I are going to show you how to refashion DIY shorts from a shirt, because it’s the end of the summer and we need to sneak in some summer clothing on the blog. Jersey shorts are awesome if you are lazy, like us. I hate wearing nice clothes when it’s hot outside,…

  • 22 Inspirational Bullet Journal Roundup

    I was joking around with some of my law school friends that Today, post-bar, I threw up a bullet journal roundup blog post because my life is a chaotic mess.  I likes these layouts because I am fond of cute things, and also, I think they are different than all the other ones you find…

  • Panda Sugar Cookies … It’s Pandamonium Over Here!

    A few weeks ago, I blogged about making panda cupcakes, which was a huge hit.  Those panda cupcakes are at over 1k pins already!!  So I whipped up another panda-themed, adorable dessert.  (Can you tell that I am addicted to yummy, cute-themed desserts?  I mean, seriously.) These panda sugar cookies are really easy to make,…

  • Live Frugally: 5 Ways Living in a Smaller House is Better

    About six months ago, I got a bug to buy a pool.  I’m not sure why, but I think I may have seen a FaceBook post from one of my friends (you know, one of those friends who is always bragging about all the stuff).  Keeping up with the Joneses. I don’t even swim that…

  • Sofa Bow Pillow From a Man’s Sweater

    Returning readers to my blog know how much I love refashioning clothes, accessories, and home decorations from men’s clothing.  Not only can loads of projects be made out of men’s stuff, but men’s clothing tends to be a lot sturdier than woman’s clothing — really, I’ve seen such a downgrade in the quality of women’s…

  • Peasant Bow-Tie Shirt Refashion From a Dress

    I love peasant shirts.  Do you remember this peasant shirt that I made with a gold chain? Something about them are so feminine and beautiful.  So I’m pretty excited for today’s shirt, a peasant bow-tie shirt refashion!  Like the other shirt, I made this one from a dress because I can take advantage of the…

  • DIY Cheer Bow Blue and White Stripes for July Fourth

    I have a fun and cheerful (pun intended!) tutorial for you today!  My daughter cheers varsity for the high school, and she is constantly looking for unique and cute cheer bows. I swear, it’s like a cheerleader obsession.  During practice, cheerleaders want the bows that no one else has!  So I made this DIY cheer…

  • How To Make Golf Themed Cupcakes Recipe

    Happy Father’s Day! Today, I will show you how to make golf themed cupcakes. This golf cupcake recipe is simple (because I use a boxed set), but the topping is so cute for any dad (or mom!) who loves golf. This post has been permanently moved to my new website.

  • Fabulous July 4th Tie Die Dress From Two Men’s White T-Shirts

    I’m reposting this blog post Fabulous July 4th Tie Die Dress From Two Men’s White T-Shirts because, for whatever reason, my other blog post is broken — every time I try to update the post, it crashes my web site!  I know I’m not supposed to “reblog” the same post, but since it constantly breaks my web…

  • Shoulder Bows T-Shirt Refashion with a Gather

    I bought an extra man’s green t-shirt for St. Patrick’s Day, but it was a little too bright.  I think the color is more appropriate for the hazy, happy days of summer!  So here’s another ten minute refashion, making a shoulder bows t-shirt.  This gives a little feminine ruffle detail on the shoulder.  This gather-sewing…

  • The $25 Macro Lens Photography for Bloggers Hack

    Bloggers know that you need to take good photos, but macro lens for your dSLR camera can be quite expensive.  This Nikon AF-S FX Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED Fixed Zoom Lens costs almost $600, and this Nikon AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED costs almost $900.  I am saving up my money to purchase these Nikon macro lens, but…

  • Simple Cut Bows T-Shirt Refashion

    This week, we have a very quick refashion — you make this shirt in less than 5 minutes with some fabric glue, so it’s also a no sew refashion.  This shirt is a simple cut bows t-shirt.  A good candidate for the “before” shirt is a t-shirt with some kind of decal or logo on…

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