About Maureen

Hi, I’m Maureen.

In 2017, life kicked my ass. I worked-from-home as a database programmer for a small, two-person company. That’s me … and my boss. One day in February, my boss suddenly stopped answering my phone calls. That’s because he was into the hospital, had a malignant tumor in his knee, and then had a stroke when they performed chemotherapy on him.

I went from having a good job to unemployed. Added to that, my ex-husband was being squirrely again, and we were going through yet another custody lawsuit. A lawsuit I couldn’t pay for because … I just became unemployed.

Have you ever been there? That moment where your life seems unsurmountable. A black cloud hanging over your head. You wake up anxious, and things don’t get better … and then, your anxiety makes you more anxious. A spiral of everything, out of control.

I didn’t know what to do, but I needed to do something.

Then, one day I decided to take the LSAT exam. Being a lawyer sounds fun. (Hahahahaha!!!!!!) Even though I am … old. That day was my birthday, June 10th of that year. I decided right at that moment to put an end to the merry-go-round of custody issues. Get an even better job. Change my life.

And I did. I bought an LSAT prep book off of Amazon. I took the exam about a month later. After I got my results back, several schools made me scholarship offers, including the school that I wanted to go to.

Law school was tough, especially for a non-traditional student like myself. I went to school with people much younger than me, a lot cooler than me, and a lot more savvy in the law than me. I commuted an hour each way, when everyone else lived near the school. I went home to cook dinner for my family while the other students partied and socialized.

But three years later, I graduated law school and passed the bar exam. My ex-husband finally stopped causing so many problems … maybe because I could represent myself in the courtroom without paying for an attorney. I landed a that great job, doing what I love to do: write.

I rewrote my life.

And today, I am doing more of what I love: writing my newsletter, blog, and the occasional story. I hope you join me for my journey to become a published author, and I hope I make you laugh.