Refashion a Bow T-Shirt 10 Different Ways

I’ve been meaning to do this roundup of all my “Refashion a T Shirt with Bows 10 Different Ways” tutorials that I made over the summer, but somehow couldn’t get myself to actually publish this post. But, at long last, today I finally have my bow tutorial roundup for everyone!

10 Ways to Refashion an Old T-Shirt With a Fabric Bow

1. Making Fabric Bows … Bows, Bows, Everywhere!

This is the first tutorial, because you can basically dress up everything you own with your own custom fabric bow. Make them from scrappy fabric or buy a fabric square. You can also make headbands, scrunchies, bracelets, necklaces, hairbands, shoes, and neckties with bows too!

2. Refashion a Plain T-Shirt with a Bow Front

3. Fabric Bow-Back T-Shirt

4. Laces & Bows

5. Satin Bow Skirt

6. Another Simple Bow-Back T-Shirt

7. Shoulder Bow Gather

8. DIY Cheer Bow

This tutorial isn’t a refashion, but you can definitely use the same principles to make a refashioned bow (just maybe not a cheer bow).

9. Peasant Bow Shirt

I'm pretty excited for today's shirt, a peasant bow-tie shirt refashion!  Like the other shirt, I made this one from a dress because I can take advantage of the length.  The bow is made from a satin ribbon.

10. Sofa Bow Pillow

Can you think of any other ways to Refashion a T Shirt with Bows?


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