FREE Adorable Bunny Ears Drawstring Bag Pattern for Easter

Everyone loves this little guy, and I get so many compliments on it. This bunny bag has two floppy ears and a little cotton bunny tail. When you wear it as a backpack, it will look like a bunny’s butt. ???? So cute. Just in time for Easter. Hippity Hoppity! I’ve seen so many people trying to copy this bag on Pinterest. This is the original!

“The Newton Bag”

One of my good friends has a son named Isaac. Since he was little, Isaac loved his Eeyore stuffie. Almost everyone knows what Eeyore looks like. Well, this past year, my friend got him a bunny … that looks like Eeyore!

This bunny is much loved especially by Isaac. So can you guess why he named his bunny Newton? Haha! He’s so darned clever. And yes, Isaac got a bunny bag too. I’m sure he will have much fun carrying around his Eeyore while he and Newton play together.

You Will Need

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Step-By-Step Tutorial

1. Launder your fat quarters. Make sure to iron them, too.

Laundering these fat quarters isn’t totally necessary because you don’t normally wash a bag. But, since it is cotton fabric, you can wash the bag in the machine once it is done. And you wouldn’t want the material to shrink and stuff.

2. Cut the long edge straight.

Can you see that laundering the fabric has put the little bunnies off center? You want to make the material straight. I used parts of the repeating fabric (in this case, the bunny eyes) to make the edge straight.

Do this for all four fabric quarters.

3. Line up all the short sides together and cut.

Here, you can see what the fabric looks like all out of wonk. That’s why you launder cotton before sewing with it.

With all four pieces together, cut the other sides.

Here we are all cut ’n’ stuff:

Lookin’ good.

4. Cut 4 inches off the longer edge.

My long edge was more than 18 inches in length … but the shorter edge was less than 18 inches. It’s not a big deal, but you want the bag to be rectangular, to give us enough room up top to make the drawstrings and such.

You should have 8 rectangles. 4 big rectangles that will make up the bag. And 4 smaller rectangles that will make up the ears.

5. Cut off about 5 inches from the smaller rectangles.

It doesn’t have to be exact. By the way, you can use what you lopped off for pockets in your bag. (But this tutorial does not show you how to do pockets.)

6. Lay out the ears with the right sides facing.

I put one side in blue and one side in pink. (This means that both ears have a pink side and a blue side.)

7. Fold each in half.

8. Lay the two sets on top of each other.

9. Cut the tops off to make rounded ears.

10. Lay the ears out and trim up the edges so that they match.

11. Sew the ears together.

Do for both ears.

12. Turn inside out and iron.

I used a chopstick to get to the ear tops. Stick it with the pointy end, eh?

13. Divide one of the small squares in half.

This is the extra fabric that you lopped off the bunny ear fabric. Remember, you can use the remaining three pieces of fabric if you want to make a pocket inside of the drawstring bag. If you do, you should make it to the inside fabric now.

14. Take one of these new pieces and make a pocket fold.

You want to make it so that it kind of looks like a file folder. Each of the outer edges goes toward the center.


15. Fold in half.

You basically made yourself a small piece of bias tape.

16. Cut in half.

Now you have two little pieces of bias tape.

17. Mark halfway on one of the outer body pieces.

I messed up here and stitched my bag closed first. But you want to do this BEFORE stitching any of the body of the bag.

(I ended up taking out all of my stitches and redoing it.)

18. Base stitch onto the RIGHT SIDE of one of the outer body fabric pieces. (I’m using pink as the outside of my bag.)

Again, this is stitched on the BOTTOM of the bag. Make sure the tabbies point down toward the front of the bag.

19. Okay, NOW we can stitch the bottom of the bag closed.

You sew the RIGHT SIDES together.

Make sure to either double stitch or back-stitch over your little tabbies.

Can you see them in the light?

Be sure to sew the inner body fabric too. I used a zig-zag stitch for added support.

20. Sew the sides together.

Be sure to sew both the outer fabric and the inner fabric. I used a straight stitch (it helps with the drawstring part).

21. Cut 2-inch blocks from the bottom corners.

Do it on BOTH pieces of fabric. Each body piece (the outer fabric and the inner lining) should look like this now:

22. Pinch those corners together.

Looks like this:

Sew the corners together using a zig-zag stitch for stability and strength.

23. Make yourself a pom pom with the cotton yarn.

Make sure the “tie” part of the pom pom has long tails.

24. Sew it to the bag with a big needle (for the yarn) using those long tails.

Bunny tail!!!

In case you were wondering why we mitered the corners, it’s so you can have a flat bottom. Can you see it in this picture?

25. Next. I’m going to measure a 3-inch top.

Fold the top of both the outer bag and the inner lining over, so that the right side is over the wrong side.

26. Mark halfway on each ear.

27. Attach each ear to the INNER lining, lining up the sewn edges to the middle part of the ear.

This is what the right side will look like:

Pin tightly. Or you can baste stitch if you want.

28. Turn the OUTER FABRIC right side out. Put the INNER LINING inside of the OUTER FABRIC. Pin together.

29. Sew the two sides together.

I like to start within the seam.

Here’s what it looks like so far:

30. Use your handy-dandy disappearing ink to mark a line 2 inches from the top and 2.5 inches from the top.

Here’s what the lines look like:

31. Sew on the lines.

32. Cut the hole at each seam.

You can do this before you sew the outer fabric … but I am much too disorganized for that.

33. Okay, take your bias tape and feed through to make the drawstring.

My bias tape.

Clasp a safety pin at the end of the bias tape.

Feed through the tabbie at the bottom.

Up to the SAME SIDE as the tabbie.

Take the other end, and feed it through the other way.

This is what it should look like:

34. Ready? Cut the bias tape so that the drawstrings are the right side for you. It might take a few tries on your back to measure properly.

35. Make a knot!

36. Do the other side.


Thank you so much! Send me pictures of your bunny bag. I’d love to see!! Be sure to leave a comment below and link to your project! ❤



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6 thoughts on “FREE Adorable Bunny Ears Drawstring Bag Pattern for Easter”

  1. Where is the pattern ???????? You keep saying “FREE BUNNY BAG”; but i can’t find it, after openinmg every possible link. I won’t be making this one !!!!!

    • The pattern is free to download for signing up to the mailing list. I edited the post to make it clearer. Thanks for your feedback, and I hope you have a wonderful hoppy Easter! 🙂

  2. Where is the pattern ???????? You keep saying “FREE BUNNY BAG”; but i can’t find it, after openinmg every possible link. I won’t be making this one !!!!!

    • The pattern is free to download for signing up to the mailing list. I edited the post to make it clearer. Thanks for your feedback, and I hope you have a wonderful hoppy Easter! 🙂


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