T-Shirt with Lace Bow Refashion Tutorial: From Plain to Pretty

I’m going to show you an awesome bow ensemble … so this blog post will be the first of two. This post is a lace bow refashion using a plain white t-shirt, and next week, I will show you how to refashion a simple bow skirt. (You’ll be able to see both of the refashions in my pictures!)

See the skirt? 🙂

I think I might wear these two refashions for my law school graduation, which is this weekend! Yeah! I’m so excited. These last few weeks, I’ve been racing to the finish line to complete a bunch of refashions and blog posts so that I can “take off” May, June, and July to study for the bar. Don’t worry … I will still be around, checking comments, hopping over to link parties, and on Pinterest. I just won’t be making any new blog posts (that’s why I am scheduling them all in advance).

Lace Bow Refashion from a Plain White T-Shirt

Materials Needed:

Start with a plain white shirt, from Salvation Army on their half price day.


Find the center.


Cut. Make sure you “use” the fabric that you have. In this case, we have “grooves,” so I cut inside of them (not to spoil the shirt). I learned this lesson the hard way by ruining quite a few shirts.

Measure out a piece of lace about 1 inch taller than the cut you just made.

Fold in half.

Cut into a triangle.


Using the bottom as your guide, pin the triangle onto the shirt. The bottom should be the edge of the fabric you just bought … lace is such a difficult beast. Make sure your shirt is inside out, and the lace is facing away from you (the right side of the lace should be the same as the right side of the shirt).

Sew the triangle onto the shirt. Don’t worry too much about the point of the triangle, because the bow will cover it partially.

We’re going to neaten up the bottom.

Sew across where the lace and the shirt meet, so that the lace will “lie flat.”


Donated shirt from the husband. 🙂

Cut a square. Make yourself a fabric bow.


Attach to the top, hiding the lace triangle a little bit.

The Final

Would you wear this lace bow refashion?


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