Refashion a Plain Tee into a T-Shirt with Bows on the Back: DIY Magic

I’m so excited to show you this week’s refashion! Purple is such an awesome color for the spring, too. This Fabric Bow Back T-Shirt took a bit longer than some of the other t-shirt tutorials because I had to make all the fabric bows, but once you make the squares, the shirt comes together nicely.

These last three weeks, I’ve been racing to a finish line trying to get all my bow refashions done before the end of school. (I will be setting all the blog posts on publish during the time that I’m studying for the Bar.) My poor husband has been quite understanding and quite helpful with all of my refashions, too. He’s been putting in some work, with taking pictures and going shopping with me!

A Fabulous Fabric Bow Back T-Shirt Refashion

Materials Needed:

I found this purple shirt at the Salvation Army. (Front and Back views.)

Its a great color for spring, but it’s also plain.

I started by cutting out six bows from a purple fat quarter. I used the ends to make the bow centers. See my fabric bow tutorial here.

Mark where your bra line is. This is where you will put a bow.

Mark the center.

Draw a straight line down the center …

Extend the lines out where the bra dots were.

… and we cut!

I ironed both sides (of the center) to make my life easier, but you can just pin if you want to.

Sew the hem.

Make sure you make the corner at the bottom.

I took off the sleeves, and then hemmed the arm holes. But you can just cut them, too (like I normally just do).

Add some fabric glue to each bow …

I’m a little paranoid, so I added some stitches to secure!

And the Final … excuse my yoga pants haha.

A closeup:

Would you wear this refashioned fabric bow back t-shirt?


Refashioned DIY Clothing

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