Want A Free Baby Romper Sewing Pattern? 22 Tutorials To Download

What could be better than a free baby romper sewing pattern? I mean, other than baby, of course. I’ve collected 22 free onsie patterns that you can download.

A Free Baby Romper Sewing Pattern? (How About 22?)

I didn’t realize that “romper” was another word for “onsie.” But here are some free ones for you. Want some more things to sew? Try this large list of free Valentine’s Day sewing patterns.

Baby Ringer Onsie

You can literally make any style for baby with this PDF download template.

Upcycled Romper

My kind of baby style! Turn a t-shirt into a baby romper.

Onsie Gown

This is a super easy way to

DIY Stenciled Onsie

This isn’t a sewing tutorial really, but you can make a plain white onsie (or purchase a romper) and use freezer paper and fabric paint to make all sorts of unique rompers.

Shirred Bubble Romper

This romper looks appropriate for a toddler, but I bet it could be sized for a baby.

Baby Boy Romper

I love both the plaid design as well as the long arms and legs to keep baby warm and snuggly.

Free Romper Pattern

This pattern has a gathered bubble bottom for your baby’s cute tooshie.

Baby Sun Suit

A fantastic alternative to the basic onsie.

Men’s Shirt Into Baby Romper

Turn your little dude into a dapper baby with this lovely refashion.

Baby Body Suit

This pattern looks very easy to follow, and it looks like you can use any knit or jersey material. Even a t-shirt to refashion! (See another tutorial on this page.)

Baby Boy Romper

Lots of patterns are either for a girl or are generic. Here is one especially for a boy.


Long Leg Style Bubble Romper

This onsie would be great for the spring, when the weather could be a little cooler but still you may need something to protect the little one’s legs while crawling around on the new grass.

Sunny Summer Onsie Dress

Here is a baby clothing refashion. You take the top and the bottom of a onsie, make a skirt, then reattach.

Simple Summer Romper

This onsie doesn’t have a pattern. Rather, you use an existing one to make and trace.

Another Onsie Dress

Here’s another onsie into a dress. You turn a pre-existing onsie into a dress in the same way as the above tutorial.

Ruffle Top Romper

This tutorial can be turned either into a onsie or a dress. Or a onsie dress?

Turn A Dress Into A Bubble Romper

When The Kid was a baby, I used to love dressing her in dresses. Except I hated dressing her in dresses. Because dresses ride up and are annoying. This is the perfect tutorial if you love the dress but hate the riding up.

Overall Romper

I love, love, love this romper. It looks like a pair of overalls. I bet it would look super beautiful in some jean-like fabric (even if it’s “fake” jean type of material).

Adorable Baby Bodysuit

This is a long sleeve onsie suit. Featured with a gorgeous baby.

Boho Romper Pattern

Good style doesn’t need to be just for grown-ups. Here’s a very cute romper. You can add all sorts of cool items to make this your style. (Or your baby’s style, amirite?)

Runaround Baby Romper

This romper was created by taking a number of rompers and combining all the good stuff. And voilà. This is such a cute onsie.

What do you think of all the free baby romper sewing patterns?



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