25 Beautiful DIY Fall Home Decoration Ideas

Here are some fall homemade decorations and easy autumn decorations that are simple and beautiful. Many of them are also cheap. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the colors — oranges and browns — and the weather! And what fun! Hay rides, pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving! And yes, the decor, too.

DIY Fall Homemade Decorations: 25 Beautiful Ways To Celebrate The Season

Spray Painted Gourds

My own tutorial on how to make a beautiful metallic centerpiece. And yes, those are some cut flowers from my garden. These little guys make quite a beautiful statement on your table, especially if you put them atop a cake platter. I make these every year because they are my favorite fall homemade decorations!


Shabby Chic Happy Fall Pumpkin Door Hanger

I always forget about hanging things from my doors (except plastic grocery bags lol), so this is a fabulous fall decor. I love the blue color as well!

Easy DIY Fall Burlap Wreath

I’m also not too good with wreaths. My neighbor has gorgeous wreaths all year round, and I am so jealous. What I like about this wreath is that it is simple, yet looks good.

Shabby Chic Fall Wreath

Here is another beautiful autumn wreath. I love the pumpkin focal point, and I imagine that you can make ones with different color schemes. This blogger used a white color scheme that came out gorgeous, but if you are into the orange and browns for the season, you could definitely do that as well.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

This easy to do craft is for the kiddos (or adults who wanna be kiddos, like me!), and it comes with a free printable.


Pumpkin Checkers Game

What a fantastic idea! All you need is some plywood and paint. I personally love the scarecrow too!

Waxed Leaves

These leaves are so super cool! I love suggestion to string them into a leaf garland.

Waxed Leaf Garland

And here is that fantastic tutorial for you! Just as a side note, she has this embedded YouTube video called “Let Go of Perfection” … and how to have a simple summer. TOTALLY AWESOME! An idea I can definitely get behind.

Apple Spice and Everything Nice Candle

I adore the scents of fall — apples, pumpkins, cinnamon. What could be nicer than making your house smell this great? Why, making an all-natural candle! I like the glass tea-cup too.

A Wooden Pumpkin

This wonderful tutorial is for those of us who know how to use a jigsaw or other type of hand-held saw like that. You might also be able to make this from pallets, but I’m not that good at wood art, so it’s better to check with the expert on this one!

Pumpkin Mason Jars

How about some totally awesome mason jars around the house? Wouldn’t your little spooky ghost love to drink out of this? Even better if you make them out of mason jar glasses!

Pine Cone Vase with Fairy Lights

I love this craft, and I love that her 14 year old daughter made it even more. Her daughter definitely got that creative gene.

Metallic Foam Apple

Fall and apples go hand in hand. Like warm apple pie … and apples.

Loom Knit Pumpkin

For those who love to knit, this might be the crafty idea for you. I’m definitely sure that you can convert to a crochet or hand-knitting pattern.

Pumpkin Beer Keg

Pretty sure beer never looked so good.

Paper Pumpkins

These would also make a very cool garland, but you could also use them for place settings or just on top of the table.

Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Pumpkins for your bumpkins.

Halloween Candy Jar

These are just way too cute. And it looks really easy, with some flower pots, glue, and paint.

Fall Mason Jar

I love the silhouette of these mason jars, and I definitely think they would be good for candy too. The vibrant colors are a nice touch.

Terra Cotta Pumpkins

This craft is super easy because all you need is to put on the pumpkin handle!

Fall Leaf Bowl

This is a beautiful centerpiece.

Painted Acorns

How about putting these painted acorns into that fall leaf bowl?

DIY Woodland Necklace

For those who have better crafting talents than I, this acorn project is gorgeous!

Fresh Apple Tea Lights

This is a great way to make little tea lights. I bet you could sprinkle some apple spice scent (essential oils) into the tea lights for an extra added bonus.

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins

This looks super easy if you have a bunch of empty mason jar lids around.

Would you use any of these easy and cheap fall decorations?



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