Refashion Tips for Dying Khaki Pants Red for the Christmas Holiday

For this week’s upcycled fashion clothing project, I decided to repurpose a pair of pants that I hate. They weren’t my mother’s pants — they were something that I overpaid for at a yard sale — but I hate to throw them out because the label says “Aeropostale” on it. Yeah, okay, I’m a sucker for a label. That, and I overpaid for them so it’s more like being stubborn. Of course, I wouldn’t be the first woman to make a fashion mispurchase!

Here they are, the before picture.

Refashioning Some Pants for the Holidays

I’m not really sure why I hated these pants. They don’t seem too bad in the photo.

A little Rit Dye powder in wine

will take care of these ugly pants:

Here they are taking a bath.

At this point, I’m lazy so I don’t want to swish around the pants in the water anymore, so I decide to put them into my washing machine and let the machine take care of the details. After washing and then drying the pants, I added some sparkle with fabric spray-on glitter. Totally funky! Here’s my daughter Lex striking a pose for me.

You can’t see the glitter too well in this picture. It’s very subtle, but they are fab for the family holiday party that we’re headed off to. They say that paint is the cheapest way to change the look of a room. I guess that goes for pants, too!

My face cloth (that I wiped down the sides of my washing machine) got a make over as well.

The pants were a great success at the party. Even Mr. Monkey agrees. (You know what would look nice on that sofa … a sofa pillow!)

Let me know what you think! Doesn’t glitter make everything better?


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