Book Review on How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul

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How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul

My book review on Goodreads.

I am not an organized person and as a result, my blog posts can be rather haphazard. I like to think that I’m quirky or maybe a bit eccentric, but in truth, I’m just disorganized.

Enter Ruth Soukup and her book, How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul. This book is like an outline for disorganized people such as myself. It gives a concise instruction manual on how to make a profitable blog and what techniques work and what techniques haven’t worked for her. She doesn’t tout that her way is the best way, either. She only claims that her way works for her.

I do not monetize my blog (yet), so some of the stuff was just background reading. I do realize that the title of the book is “How to Blog for Profit” so that should, and was, the main portion of her book. However, I don’t need it (yet).

The parts that I did enjoy reading were about increasing traffic, because the amount of traffic generated to a blog has a direct correlation to the amount of money a blog can or does make. That just makes sense. Her advice on social media was well grounded and realistic, not me chasing rainbows and unicorns for the elusive streaming traffic, or creating endless kind of multitiered trafficking scams. I put some into use and almost immediately saw a 100% increase in traffic.

The one thing that she didn’t mention, probably because she doesn’t use it, is the use of blog carnivals. They are a tremendous traffic builders and they only take a few minutes to generate traffic.

My only (small) issue that I had with the book is that I am a numbers kind of gal. Being an accountant in a previous lifetime, you can imagine that I wanted to see some of them. A small addition to one of the last pages of her book with a breakdown of how she made her money, what costs she had to put out, and the bottom line would have been tremendously helpful. Or even some percentages, as I can understand the need for privacy especially when you have a blog.

Have you enjoyed her book How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul?



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