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  • An Upcycled Knit or Crochet Rug From T Shirts

    T-shirt jersey material is soft and super absorbent, which makes it perfect material to upcycle a knit or crochet rug from t shirts.  You can make your own mat in different ways, not just crocheting or knitting – you can hook, braid, sew, or loom it too.  In this super … Read more >

  • DIY Shorts From A Shirt

    Today, Kitty and I are going to show you how to refashion DIY shorts from a shirt, because it’s the end of the summer and we need to sneak in some summer clothing on the blog. Jersey shorts are awesome if you are lazy, like us. I hate wearing nice … Read more >

  • Peasant Bow-Tie Shirt Refashion From a Dress

    I love peasant shirts.  Do you remember this peasant shirt that I made with a gold chain? Something about them are so feminine and beautiful.  So I’m pretty excited for today’s shirt, a peasant bow-tie shirt refashion!  Like the other shirt, I made this one from a dress because I … Read more >

  • Shoulder Bows T-Shirt Refashion with a Gather

    I bought an extra man’s green t-shirt for St. Patrick’s Day, but it was a little too bright.  I think the color is more appropriate for the hazy, happy days of summer!  So here’s another ten minute refashion, making a shoulder bows t-shirt.  This gives a little feminine ruffle detail … Read more >

  • Simple Cut Bows T-Shirt Refashion

    This week, we have a very quick refashion — you make this shirt in less than 5 minutes with some fabric glue, so it’s also a no sew refashion.  This shirt is a simple cut bows t-shirt.  A good candidate for the “before” shirt is a t-shirt with some kind … Read more >

  • Lace Bow Refashion from a Plain White T-Shirt

    I’m going to show you an awesome bow ensemble … so this blog post will be the first of two.  This post is a lace bow refashion using a plain white t-shirt, and next week, I will show you how to refashion a simple bow skirt. (You’ll be able to … Read more >

  • A Fabulous Fabric Bow Back T-Shirt Refashion

    I’m so excited to show you this week’s refashion!  Purple is such an awesome color for the spring, too.  This Fabric Bow Back T-Shirt took a bit longer than some of the other t-shirt tutorials because I had to make all the fabric bows, but once you make the squares, the … Read more >

  • Refashion a Plain T-Shirt with a Bow Front T-Shirt

    For my second blog post in the Bows, Bows, and Bows series, I am going to show everyone something super simple and super cute.  In fact, you can remake this Bow Front T-shirt in like 10 minutes.

  • Fabric Headband Refashion from a Thrifted T-Shirt

    I love refashioning and reusing t-shirts and other fabric scraps.  Upcycling all those t-shirts is so eco-conscious. I could write blog posts about all the t-shirt remakes that I do.  Alas, most are reused into cloth napkins, of which I have a variety of uses in my house.  However, the … Read more >

  • How To Make A Bleach Design Shirt For St. Patrick’s Day

    Here’s a tutorial on how to make a bleach design shirt … with a cute shamrock design just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. I think it’s a good idea to have a St. Patrick’s Day shirt around for these kind of occasions … my daughters sometimes have “Spirit Week” … Read more >

  • A Love Cut Out T-Shirt Refashion for Valentine’s Day

    Remember this heart cut-out t-shirt refashion that I made for Valentine’s Day? And the heart shaped back cut out t-shirt?  That shirt is one of my favorites.  I wear it out and about a lot.  Like I said last week, tons of people have told me how much they love it, … Read more >

  • How To Make A Heart Cut Out Shirt Refashion For Valentine’s Day

    .Here’s another tutorial on how to make a heart cut out shirt. Do you remember this heart cut-out t-shirt refashion?  I love that shirt.  Everyone else loves that shirt, too.  I get soooo many compliments on it.  The best part about that t-shirt is that it is a 10 minute, … Read more >

  • 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Refashions

    Upcycle something beautiful for Valentine’s Day!  Here’s a list of 10 awesome clothing tutorials for the day of love.  Refashionistas abound!  Remaking your clothes is such an economical, fashionable, and eco-conscious thing to do. 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Refashions 1. Heart Cutout T-Shirt on Your Back 2. Tone on Tone Hearts … Read more >

  • 20 Awesome T-Shirt Refashions

    Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful time last night. The New Year always brings a bunch of blogging “bests,” as in “Best of My Posts” posts.  This year, I created a list of 20 t-shirt refashions to help spark some creativity and inspiration!  All of … Read more >

  • Remaking a Long Sleeve Shirt with Dip Dye and Lace

    Welcome to spring, everyone!  I know it’s officially been spring for about two weeks, but it hasn’t felt like spring. Today, I’m refashioning a plain white, long-sleeve jersey shirt. We’re going to upcycle this shirt into something a little jazzier, with some dip dye and lace.  Another great t-shirt refashion, … Read more >

  • Upcycle a T-Shirt Into a Simple Heart Scarf

    We have another Valentine’s Day post today.  This one you can do in about five minutes.  If you have to work on V-Day, you’ll be ready to wear something to the office and keep warm. Do you remember this red t-shirt from last week’s upcycled Valentine’s Day heart t-shirt post? … Read more >

  • Heart Cut Out Shirt Tutorial For Valentine’s Day

    Today’s blog post is a heart cut out shirt tutorial for Valentine’s Day! We’ll upcycle a faded t-shirt into something really spiffy. Like most stay-at-home or work-from-home moms, I really don’t have a need to dress up. This might seem kind of funny since I run a blog that has a … Read more >

  • Remaking a Plain White T-Shirt and Jean Shorts into a Fabulous Ensemble

    I am super excited for today’s post.  I’ve had this pair of short and this top for a while now.  Having plain shorts and a plain white t-shirt is great if you want to pair it with something more intricate, loud, or flashy.  But I didn’t like either of these … Read more >

  • Repurposing Fashion Clothing: Upcycling an Empire Waist Top from a Dress

    One of the first things I uncovered from my mother’s wardrobe was this dress.  The concept of this dress is great except that it was for an old person.  Sorry, Mom!  However, this looks like it would make a great addition to a summertime swimming attire, so even though we … Read more >