Easy Freezer Peanut Butter and Jelly Panda Sandwiches for School Lunches … It’s Pandamonium Over Here!

Make these adorable peanut butter and jelly panda sanwiches! This sandwich is a great make-ahead sandwhich for school lunches to help save time and save money. Stick the panda sandwich in the freezer and pair up with some fruit and a drink for a fast, easy, low-cost lunch alternative. A child-friendly recipe, too. Explore the web site for more cooking and recipe tutorials with good, clear photos and instructions. It's pandamonium over here at https://letgoofbeingperfect.com/

I love the fall, with its crisp air and pumpkins.  But, it’s also a bitter-sweet time because my babies go back to school.  It’s like the Game of Thrones finale, where you have to wait until next summer to find out what happens to your favorite characters, or, in this case, what your vacay plans are.  School also brings a wealth of school-time activities and school-time STUFF, like, y’know, school lunches.  Today, Joe Paw and I are going to show you how to make the ultimate in cuteness for your baby’s school lunch: the peanut butter and jelly panda sandwich.

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