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  • Remaking a Long Sleeve Shirt with Dip Dye and Lace

    Welcome to spring, everyone!  I know it’s officially been spring for about two weeks, but it hasn’t felt like spring. Today, I’m refashioning a plain white, long-sleeve jersey shirt. We’re going to upcycle this shirt into something a little jazzier, with some dip dye and lace.  Another great t-shirt refashion, … Read more >

  • Remaking a Plain White T-Shirt and Jean Shorts into a Fabulous Ensemble

    I am super excited for today’s post.  I’ve had this pair of short and this top for a while now.  Having plain shorts and a plain white t-shirt is great if you want to pair it with something more intricate, loud, or flashy.  But I didn’t like either of these … Read more >

  • Refashioning a Dip Dyed Dress

    I found this great dress at the Salvation Army and it was only $3. It was also brand new, with the tags, which said it was a bridal dress.  I’m not so sure any bride would wear it … as it was definitely see through as well.  Almost looked like … Read more >

  • Repurposing (Upcycled) Fashion Clothing: Making Colored Jeans

    My daughter Liz has an obsession with colored jeans. She must have had a dozen pairs before the craze even started.  One day, we decided that we were going to make our own pair of colored jeans using an old, ugly pair of dark denim that she had floating in … Read more >