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  • Panda Sugar Cookies … It’s Pandamonium Over Here!

    A few weeks ago, I blogged about making panda cupcakes, which was a huge hit.  Those panda cupcakes are at over 1k pins already!!  So I whipped up another panda-themed, adorable dessert.  (Can you tell that I am addicted to yummy, cute-themed desserts?  I mean, seriously.) These panda sugar cookies … Read more >

  • How To Make Golf Themed Cupcakes Recipe

    Happy Father’s Day! Today, I will show you how to make golf themed cupcakes. This golf cupcake recipe is simple (because I use a boxed set), but the topping is so cute for any dad (or mom!) who loves golf. This post has been permanently moved to my new website.

  • Panda Cupcakes – It’s Pandamonium Here!

    School-aged children brings school-run functions.  I have a few “go to” recipes for these functions, and these panda cupcakes is definitely one of the first ones that we think of.  The best part of this recipe is that my kids love to bake them with me, and can’t wait to … Read more >

  • Copycat Shamrock Shake Recipe … With Matcha

    Craving a McD’s shake? Well, here’s a copycat shamrock shake recipe … with matcha! This knockoff is so good, you don’t need to leave your house. With some peppermint

  • Recycling Postal Mailers: How-To Make a Valentine’s Day Cupcake Picks

    Apologies because this post is coming a day early, but I wanted to get it out in time for Valentine’s Day.  Last week, I showed you how to make cute little heart pockets for the ones you love, but I can’t let those little bits and pieces of the USPS … Read more >