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  • Refashion a T Shirt with Bows 10 Different Ways

    I’ve been meaning to do this roundup of all my “Refashion a T Shirt with Bows 10 Different Ways” tutorials that I made over the summer, but somehow couldn’t get myself to actually publish this post.  But, at long last, today I finally have my bow tutorial roundup for everyone! … Read more >

  • Peasant Bow-Tie Shirt Refashion From a Dress

    I love peasant shirts.  Do you remember this peasant shirt that I made with a gold chain? Something about them are so feminine and beautiful.  So I’m pretty excited for today’s shirt, a peasant bow-tie shirt refashion!  Like the other shirt, I made this one from a dress because I … Read more >

  • DIY Cheer Bow Blue and White Stripes for July Fourth

    I have a fun and cheerful (pun intended!) tutorial for you today!  My daughter cheers varsity for the high school, and she is constantly looking for unique and cute cheer bows. I swear, it’s like a cheerleader obsession.  During practice, cheerleaders want the bows that no one else has!  So … Read more >

  • Shoulder Bows T-Shirt Refashion with a Gather

    I bought an extra man’s green t-shirt for St. Patrick’s Day, but it was a little too bright.  I think the color is more appropriate for the hazy, happy days of summer!  So here’s another ten minute refashion, making a shoulder bows t-shirt.  This gives a little feminine ruffle detail … Read more >

  • Simple Cut Bows T-Shirt Refashion

    This week, we have a very quick refashion — you make this shirt in less than 5 minutes with some fabric glue, so it’s also a no sew refashion.  This shirt is a simple cut bows t-shirt.  A good candidate for the “before” shirt is a t-shirt with some kind … Read more >

  • Satin Bow Skirt Refashion

    Happy Friday, everyone!  I was modeling this skirt in last week’s lace bow t-shirt refashion.  I think this satin bow skirt refashion and that lace bow t-shirt refashion makes a great ensemble!

  • Lace Bow Refashion from a Plain White T-Shirt

    I’m going to show you an awesome bow ensemble … so this blog post will be the first of two.  This post is a lace bow refashion using a plain white t-shirt, and next week, I will show you how to refashion a simple bow skirt. (You’ll be able to … Read more >

  • A Fabulous Fabric Bow Back T-Shirt Refashion

    I’m so excited to show you this week’s refashion!  Purple is such an awesome color for the spring, too.  This Fabric Bow Back T-Shirt took a bit longer than some of the other t-shirt tutorials because I had to make all the fabric bows, but once you make the squares, the … Read more >

  • Refashion a Plain T-Shirt with a Bow Front T-Shirt

    For my second blog post in the Bows, Bows, and Bows series, I am going to show everyone something super simple and super cute.  In fact, you can remake this Bow Front T-shirt in like 10 minutes.

  • Making Fabric Bows … Bows, Bows, Bows Everywhere!

    Making fabric bows!!  Bows are so beautiful.  This tutorial is part of a series of 10 posts … all about bows!  I am going to craft or refashion 10 projects using fabric bows in some way or another.  After the series is over, I will come back to each post and … Read more >