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  • Happy Mother’s Day!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms out there!

  • Satin Bow Skirt Refashion

    Happy Friday, everyone!  I was modeling this skirt in last week’s lace bow t-shirt refashion.  I think this satin bow skirt refashion and that lace bow t-shirt refashion makes a great ensemble!

  • How To Professionally Fold A Shirt

    This is my way on how to professionally fold a shirt. I hate to clean, and I hate laundry even more.  Laundry is a horrible demon to test the strength of any marriage.  But, I like folding t-shirts!  Something about making them all stand up straight makes me smile.  Okay, … Read more >

  • Lace Bow Refashion from a Plain White T-Shirt

    I’m going to show you an awesome bow ensemble … so this blog post will be the first of two.  This post is a lace bow refashion using a plain white t-shirt, and next week, I will show you how to refashion a simple bow skirt. (You’ll be able to … Read more >

  • A Fabulous Fabric Bow Back T-Shirt Refashion

    I’m so excited to show you this week’s refashion!  Purple is such an awesome color for the spring, too.  This Fabric Bow Back T-Shirt took a bit longer than some of the other t-shirt tutorials because I had to make all the fabric bows, but once you make the squares, the … Read more >

  • Panda Cupcakes – It’s Pandamonium Here!

    School-aged children brings school-run functions.  I have a few “go to” recipes for these functions, and these panda cupcakes is definitely one of the first ones that we think of.  The best part of this recipe is that my kids love to bake them with me, and can’t wait to … Read more >

  • Refashion a Plain T-Shirt with a Bow Front T-Shirt

    For my second blog post in the Bows, Bows, and Bows series, I am going to show everyone something super simple and super cute.  In fact, you can remake this Bow Front T-shirt in like 10 minutes.

  • Making Fabric Bows … Bows, Bows, Bows Everywhere!

    Making fabric bows!!  Bows are so beautiful.  This tutorial is part of a series of 10 posts … all about bows!  I am going to craft or refashion 10 projects using fabric bows in some way or another.  After the series is over, I will come back to each post and … Read more >

  • 40+ Adorable Easter Bunny Crafts & Ideas

    I love Easter bunny crafts & ideas. I collected 40+ of them for you! Something about bunnies … they are super duper cute. Those little fluffy white tails marks the beginning of spring. I used to make lots of rabbits when the girls were young and stuff them inside their … Read more >

  • Fabric Headband Refashion from a Thrifted T-Shirt

    I love refashioning and reusing t-shirts and other fabric scraps.  Upcycling all those t-shirts is so eco-conscious. I could write blog posts about all the t-shirt remakes that I do.  Alas, most are reused into cloth napkins, of which I have a variety of uses in my house.  However, the … Read more >

  • 6 St. Patrick’s Day Refashions

      Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!  You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find some refashions for St. Patrick’s Day!!  I looked for a long time on both Pinterest and Google and couldn’t come up with too much.  Here are 6 St. Patrick’s Day Refashions for all you fashionistas out … Read more >

  • How To Make A Bleach Design Shirt For St. Patrick’s Day

    Here’s a tutorial on how to make a bleach design shirt … with a cute shamrock design just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. I think it’s a good idea to have a St. Patrick’s Day shirt around for these kind of occasions … my daughters sometimes have “Spirit Week” … Read more >

  • Copycat Shamrock Shake Recipe … With Matcha

    Craving a McD’s shake? Well, here’s a copycat shamrock shake recipe … with matcha! This knockoff is so good, you don’t need to leave your house. With some peppermint

  • What Are Used Coffee Grounds Good For? 22 Great Uses

    What are used coffee grounds good for? Don’t throw those used coffee grounds into the trash! Here are 22 uses for them.

  • A Love Cut Out T-Shirt Refashion for Valentine’s Day

    Remember this heart cut-out t-shirt refashion that I made for Valentine’s Day? And the heart shaped back cut out t-shirt?  That shirt is one of my favorites.  I wear it out and about a lot.  Like I said last week, tons of people have told me how much they love it, … Read more >

  • How To Make A Heart Cut Out Shirt Refashion For Valentine’s Day

    .Here’s another tutorial on how to make a heart cut out shirt. Do you remember this heart cut-out t-shirt refashion?  I love that shirt.  Everyone else loves that shirt, too.  I get soooo many compliments on it.  The best part about that t-shirt is that it is a 10 minute, … Read more >

  • Organize Your Digital Photos for $99 Per Year

    Today, I’m going to go through some digital photo file organizing tips & tricks for all those massive amount of digital photos. At last count, I have about 55,000+ photos. Yes, you read that correctly.

  • Bone Broth Soup Recipe – In a Slow Cooker

    Our family frequently eats a whole chicken, usually once per week on Sundays during the winter time.  A whole chicken meal makes such an economical meal because you can get at least two meals out of a chicken.  For the second day, I usually make some type of soup with a … Read more >

  • Key Fobs Craft DIY Homemade Wristlet

    For Christmas, our family makes homemade gifts for each other.  We’ve had this tradition for a long time, so I’m constantly on the hunt for a DIY, homemade gift that does not totally suck.  Like most teenagers, mine have some high standards.  I originally made these cute little key fobs … Read more >

  • Top 10 Money Saving Websites to Help You Get Debt Free in the New Year

    Here is a list of money saving websites … for you, as well as a reminder for me … how I can implement frugal living in the New Year and grow my savings account!  I added a list to almost every website on nice big list on ways to save money. … Read more >

  • Repurposing (Upcycled) Fashion Clothing: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

    For this week’s upcycled fashion clothing project, I decided to repurpose a pair of pants that I hate. They weren’t my mother’s pants — they were something that I overpaid for at a yard sale — but I hate to throw them out because the label says “Aeropostale” on it. … Read more >

  • Repurposing (Upcycled) House Decorations: Using Shadow Boxes to Celebrate the Season

    Yesterday, I was cleaning out my cabinet and saw the shadow boxes picture frames that I use to put our family pictures. I got a flash of inspiration! Wouldn’t it be great to cut up some old Christmas cards and put them in the shadow boxes to decorate for the … Read more >

  • Repurposing Clothing into Decorations: Homemade Sweater Pillow

    Here is another upcycled/repurposing idea for everyone: sweater pillows.  Since I really needed some couch pillows, this makes for a fabulously frugal and really cool recycled clothing idea.  I gave the argyle one to my sister-in-law. My friend gave me an entire pile of clothing, yes, this is in addition … Read more >

  • 22 Awesome Uses for Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is one of nature’s best superfoods, having absolutely awesome uses for the body.  I use a refined, organic version (Nature’s Promise) that I can find in the grocery store.  Since I hate the smell of coconut, I buy the refined coconut oil – you can also buy the unrefined … Read more >

  • 4 Awesome Stock Photography Sites for Bloggers

    Photography is so important for blog posts. These 4 stock photography sites were created just for bloggers like you. All offer free stuff for bloggers (such as a bunch of free flat-lay photos), inexpensive packages, and most of all — awesome photographs! Bloggers can create hundreds of different images, instantly, … Read more >

  • 10 Step Korean Beauty Skin Routine

    The Korean beauty skin routine is world famous.  Here is my daily beauty steps — advice from a Korean woman, living in America.  Amazon links to the best Korean skin products (tried and true, from me).  Layering is absolutely key, so here’s how to do it properly.

  • 30 Super Cute Easter Foods To Make

    These super cute Easter foods to make are totally awesome!! Easter is one the best crafty times of year, even above Valentine’s Day (my favorite holiday) and Christmas, but other than sewing or making crafts (especially for the children) or hiding Easter eggs for the kids (usually with some money … Read more >

  • 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Refashions

    Upcycle something beautiful for Valentine’s Day!  Here’s a list of 10 awesome clothing tutorials for the day of love.  Refashionistas abound!  Remaking your clothes is such an economical, fashionable, and eco-conscious thing to do. 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Refashions 1. Heart Cutout T-Shirt on Your Back 2. Tone on Tone Hearts … Read more >

  • 20 Awesome T-Shirt Refashions

    Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful time last night. The New Year always brings a bunch of blogging “bests,” as in “Best of My Posts” posts.  This year, I created a list of 20 t-shirt refashions to help spark some creativity and inspiration!  All of … Read more >

  • Here Comes Peter Cottontail: Making an Easter Bunny Plushie

    I just love bunnies. Plushies, stuffies, stickers, you name it! That’s why I decided to try out making an Easter bunny plushie. It’s super easy and fun to make. You can make tons and tons for everyone who you want to make a basket for.

  • Remaking a Long Sleeve Shirt with Dip Dye and Lace

    Welcome to spring, everyone!  I know it’s officially been spring for about two weeks, but it hasn’t felt like spring. Today, I’m refashioning a plain white, long-sleeve jersey shirt. We’re going to upcycle this shirt into something a little jazzier, with some dip dye and lace.  Another great t-shirt refashion, … Read more >

  • House Organizing & Upcycling Curtains

    I have been furiously trying to declutter my house.  Mainly due to spring fever but also because I am part of the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge.  One of the projects I tackled this past week is organizing the cabinet underneath my kitchen sink, which is a … Read more >

  • 10 Awesome Projects for St. Patrick’s Day That Don’t Completely Suck

    Here’s another round up of cute ideas for the Luck O’ the Irish! 1. Clover Headband 2. Growing Shamrocks from Martha Stewart 3. Shamrock Hair Clips from felt 4. St. Patty’s Day T-Shirts really cute for going out with the buddies on the luckiest day of the year 5. Decorate in … Read more >

  • 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge: Week 1 Update

    I am participating in Crystal Paine’s 4 Week to a More Organized Home Challenge.  I will preface this by saying that I utterly failed this week on all of my cleaning expectations.  It’s the end of the week and my house is a mess. What happened???  I had such dreams … Read more >

  • All-Natural Homemade Lotion

    Lately, I’ve been obsessed with making my own beauty supplies, so you will probably start to see a bunch of blog posts about my attempts.  One of the first things that I need is some lotion.  The winter always dries out my skin, and I have very dry skin anyway. … Read more >

  • Book Review: How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul

    Purchase the book How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul for $4.99 for your Amazon Kindle. My book review on Goodreads. I am not an organized person and as a result, my blog posts can be rather haphazard.  I like to think that I’m quirky or maybe a bit eccentric, … Read more >

  • Upcycle a T-Shirt Into a Simple Heart Scarf

    We have another Valentine’s Day post today.  This one you can do in about five minutes.  If you have to work on V-Day, you’ll be ready to wear something to the office and keep warm. Do you remember this red t-shirt from last week’s upcycled Valentine’s Day heart t-shirt post? … Read more >

  • Heart Cut Out Shirt Tutorial For Valentine’s Day

    Today’s blog post is a heart cut out shirt tutorial for Valentine’s Day! We’ll upcycle a faded t-shirt into something really spiffy. Like most stay-at-home or work-from-home moms, I really don’t have a need to dress up. This might seem kind of funny since I run a blog that has a … Read more >

  • How to Paint Furniture Like a Pro

    I realize that this blog post is coming late, as in almost a month late. I also realize that I haven’t posted in a very long time, at least not until this month. 2013 saw many mishaps like this for me, rushing in to do things and then letting them … Read more >

  • Remaking a Plain White T-Shirt and Jean Shorts into a Fabulous Ensemble

    I am super excited for today’s post.  I’ve had this pair of short and this top for a while now.  Having plain shorts and a plain white t-shirt is great if you want to pair it with something more intricate, loud, or flashy.  But I didn’t like either of these … Read more >

  • Upcycling an Ugly Dress into a Smashing Shirt

    I found this dress at the Salvation Army.  The top part of the dress left much to be desired.  The designer obviously thought it was fashionable, but the fit was not right.  But the bottom … what a great material!  Reminded me of handkerchiefs.  Upcycling this into something better should be … Read more >

  • Making a Pair of Earrings from Extra Beads

    Jewelry and I get along pretty well, and I especially like necklace and earring sets.  I am not a big fan of bracelets or rings, though, because they bother my hands during the day.  (It’s REALLY annoying to hear the clack-clack when I am typing!)  So I try to figure … Read more >

  • Refashioning a Dress Into a Peasant Shirt

    So I read that red was supposed to be a hot color (pardon the pun!) for the summer.  I picked this up at the Salvation Army thinking to be in style, but I hate maxi dresses.  (I look like a drowned rat in them!)  Time for some restyling. I was … Read more >

  • Refashioning a Skirt from a Dress, Part II

    I got out my skirt today that I upcycled a while ago, and I decided that I hated the hem.  So today, I’m going to refashion my refashion.  It’s not going to make it look significantly different, but it is going to help the waist.  I’m going to teach you … Read more >

  • Refashioning a Dip Dyed Dress

    I found this great dress at the Salvation Army and it was only $3. It was also brand new, with the tags, which said it was a bridal dress.  I’m not so sure any bride would wear it … as it was definitely see through as well.  Almost looked like … Read more >

  • Remaking Capris with a Lettuce Hem

    My daughter and I share one really annoying problem: we both can’t fit into any pants.  She is 11 years old, and fits into a size 8 except for the length.  Come summertime, this problem is generally easy to solve since I crop off all of her jeans and make … Read more >

  • Refashioning a Skirt from a Shirt

    My niece Courtney gave me this fabulous idea on Pinterest.  I hunted around the Goodwill until I found the perfect shirt.  So today, we’re going to refashion this one into a skirt.  As soon as you figure out how wonderfully easy, and how wonderfully sexy the result is, I bet … Read more >

  • Refashioning a Skirt from a Dress

    This dress was one of dresses from my mother.  I really loved it but I have such a hard time wearing anything that I can’t wear a bra with.  I realize that there are strapless bras … but those suck.  So it’s time for a refashion! See the beadwork on … Read more >

  • Making a Bag Holder

    I love short sleeve tops because they are so versatile.  I wear them the entire year with shorts, jeans, or skirts.  If it’s cold, I throw on a sweater or a scarf on top to complete the look.  But since I’ve been doing so many blog posts about refashioning tops … Read more >

  • Remaking a Long Sleeved Knit Top

    I found this knit top during one of my thrifting store scouts.  I love the kind of pleated detail in the front, but the top itself was too big and I wanted a summer top, not a winter top.  So I decided to make it exactly what I wanted. 🙂 … Read more >

Got any book recommendations?