Making a Bag Holder

I love short sleeve tops because they are so versatile.  I wear them the entire year with shorts, jeans, or skirts.  If it’s cold, I throw on a sweater or a scarf on top to complete the look.  But since I’ve been doing so many blog posts about refashioning tops into short sleeves, I thought I would do something different today.

Remember this top?

Remaking a long sleeved knit shirt into a short sleeve summer top #sewing #upcycle #refashion

I ended up with two sleeves.

Remaking sweater sleeves into bag holders #sewing #upcycle #refashion

I don’t have any photo instructions this week, but I thought I would just pass on a nice tip.  These make great bag holders!  And you know you have a thousand plastic bags floating around the house!

I added a cotton band to the top from some scrap fat quarters, and a little hook from some extra binding tape.

Remaking sweater sleeves into bag holders #sewing #upcycle #refashion

Here we are in use:

With love,

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    1. Maureen Avatar

      Thanks! 🙂

    1. Maureen Avatar

      Thanks! 🙂

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