Guest Posting

Guest posting for other bloggers can be a wonderful opportunity to create double traffic!  Not only does your guest poster promote your site, but the hosting blogger also promotes your site.  Guest posting is collaboration at its best.


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If you are interested in guest posting with Let Go of Being Perfect, please fill out this form:

Let Go of Being Perfect produces only high-quality step-by-step tutorials, with either clear photographs that you take yourself, or feminine, beautiful stock photographs.  At this time, we accept sewing and crafting tutorials.

Your post will be promoted extensively through social media.  Your name, your web site, and your social media accounts will be displayed prominently at the top of your guest post.

Additionally, you are allowed one “other” link to any of your internal content.  Please, no affiliate links, which includes Amazon.

No religion, politics, or profanity whatsoever. 

Thank you!  I look forward to working with you!