10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Refashions

Upcycle something beautiful for Valentine’s Day!  Here’s a list of 10 awesome clothing tutorials for the day of love.  Refashionistas abound!  Remaking your clothes is such an economical, fashionable, and eco-conscious thing to do.

An awesome list of 10 clothing refashions for Valentine's Day, featuring very cool clothes to wear for the day of love - or any time of the year! All have step-by-step tutorials. Use up those fabric scraps. Explore the web site for more refashioning, sewing, tutorials with good, clear photos and instructions. http://letgoofbeingperfect.com/

10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Refashions

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1. Heart Cutout T-Shirt on Your Back


2. Tone on Tone Hearts

3. Wordy Sweater

4. Cookie Cutter Heart Shirt

5. Sequin Heart Elbow Patch

6. Phases of the Heart

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7. Heart Cutout on the Front from a Faded T-Shirt

Refashion a faded gray-t-shirt into a heart cut out for Valentine's Day. #sewing #diy #refashion #upcycle

8. Ruffled Heart

9. Hashtag Be Mine

10. Lovely Lace Sweetheart Shirt

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Would you wear any of these 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Refashions?  Let me know in the comments!

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