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40+ Cool DIY Mother’s Day Crafts

Go beyond the simple tulips or daffodils and give one of these cool DIY Mother’s Day crafts. I love homemade gifts. In the moment, jewelry or flowers might be exactly what I want. But I always keep (and remember) the ones my daughter made me. I can’t buy those in a store. Remember to take a photograph of them so you can have double the memories!

How To Cut A Heart In A Shirt For Valentine’s Day

Do you know how to cut a heart in a shirt? I’m totally in love with making Valentine’s Day shirts. Something about the day of love makes me happy. I make a new shirt every year! So in keeping with this tradition, I’m going to give you a tutorial on how to make this heart cut out t-shirt refashion.

How To Sew Without A Needle And Thread

Do you know how to sew without a needle and thread? I didn’t know, so I did some research on what I could do when I left my sewing supplies at home. Some are temporary solutions. But some are legitimate, no-sew options that might work better than the traditional supplies.

Sewing or Sowing?

Is it sewing or sowing? The difference between sewing and sowing is that sewing involves joining pieces of fabric together, while sowing involves putting seeds in the ground. People who sow seeds generally want to grow food to eat or grow beautiful flowers, trees, or shrubs. People who sew clothing together want something to wear. Both types of people may sow or sew just for the pleasure of the activity.

Must-Have Supplies for Sewing Beginners

What are some of the essential supplies for sewing beginners? When you are new to sewing (or even when you are an intermediate!), you can quickly become overwhelmed with all the sewing notions and items that you might need. Here is my basic list for sewing supplies needed for new hobbyist.

25 Fourth of July Crafts

Here’s a list of 25 easy Fourth of July crafts that you can do with your kids or just to decorate for a festive party. Appropriate for young kids to adult. 25 July 4th CraftsContents1 25 July 4th Crafts2 1. Fabulous Fourth of July Tie Dyed Dress3 2. July Fourth Cheer Bow 1. Fabulous Fourth of July Tie Dyed Dress One of my own refashioned creations – this dress as probably the best refashion I have created. 2. July Fourth Cheer Bow You can make these bows just to put up your hair, too. 3. Hand Print Fourth of July Shirt A very cute shirt to do with your kids. Just use a plain t-shirt that you buy from any crafts store or from Salvation Army. (If you can sew, you can also modify a package of men’s t’s.) 4. 4th of July Star Sun Catchers Kids Craft I love sun catchers, and July is the perfect time of year for them. We have a big picture window in the kitchen that gets a ton of sun … and looks right into the backyard, so would make a fab display for a party. 5. Patriotic Wreath This wreath is made of paper for a festive touch to your front door. 6. 4th of July Water Blob I’m not exactly sure what a water blob is, but the kids in the picture look like they are having super amounts of fun. 7. Fourth of July Clothspin Wreath Another wonderful wreath! Love…

25 Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

Please make sure to Pin images from the original website! Easy Summer Crafts for Kids, Part I 1. Milk Carton Birdhouse & Bird Feeder Kids Craft My kind of craft, making something useful and pretty right from the recycling bin. You can also paint cans and jars, too. For the cans, make sure that no parts can cut little hands. 2. Suncatcher Jellyfish Kids Crafts Aren’t these something adorable? Hang them in the window to compliment that summer sun. 3. Pool Noodle Race Track   On your mark, get set, GO! Isn’t this an awesome idea? Great for girls and boys.¬†¬†Grab yourself some pool noodles.   4. Pool Noodle Sailboat Speaking of pool noodles … When I was a little girl, we use to have pool sailboat races. We constructed them of any material we had lying around … styrofoam bowls, paper, even aluminum foil. 5. Pineapple Planters I knew this girl in college who went wild over anything pineapple. I must admit, pineapples are super sunny … great for summer … and super cute … great for kids! 6. Personalized Tie Dye Beach Towels Right up there with refashioning and recycling is tie-dyeing! (Or is it tie dying? idk.) Just be sure to wash your beach towel before use, otherwise your bathing suit might end up being dyed. 7. Tie Dyed Pillowcase This tutorial touts this pillowcase as a gift wrapping, which is nifty too. But it also makes for a great project if your kids love some backyard…

20 Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Here’s a list of non-lame homemade Valentine’s Day gifts for him that I came up with. I hate giving my husband gifts for Valentine’s Day because either I spend a lot of money or give him a card. And our anniversary, birthday, and Christmas. Also be sure to check out my cupcake heart picks and my heart warmers if you need a simple diy Valentines day gifts for him some simple DIY gifts to make for boyfriend or your husband.

Non Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

I looked up this list of non cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts for him because … well, I hate Valentine’s Day. But I also love it.¬†I love it because my husband tells me how much he loves me, and he gives me nice things.¬† I hate it because I have nothing to give him – the best part of gifts is the giving, amirite?¬† That’s why I composed this list of 20 gift ideas for him that don’t suck, all under about $25 $40 … sorry, inflation is a real jerk … on Amazon.

Best Sewing Machine Brands

What are the best sewing machine brands?¬† There are tons of sewing machine brands on the market.¬† It can be very confusing to purchase a new one.¬† Be sure to check out my guide to what you will need in your beginner sewing box. Chart for the Best Sewing Machine Brands – 2019 GuideContents1 Chart for the Best Sewing Machine Brands – 2019 Guide1.1 This is my list for the best sewing machine brands for 2019.¬† Have you tried any of them?¬† Let me know in the comments! 1. Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine This machine is simple to use for both regular sewing projects and quilting, coming with a built-in free arm that helps with sleeves and pant legs. Reasonably priced, with the 2019 Woman’s Choice Awards. Adjustable speed. I personally own a Brother machine, and I absolutely love mine. It’s so simple to use. 2. Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine Another award winner, by Brother. Also comes with a free arm. Ultra lightweight, with many of the same features for an even better price. This is a great machine for travelers. 3. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Easy to use dial pattern selections, with a drop feed for free motion sewing for basic quilting. Small and compact. A bit more expensive than the Brother models. 4. Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine A bit more expensive than the other models but still not unreasonable and scary. Offers an automatic declutch bobbin winder to make your threading life easy. 5. Juki HZL-F600…

Hand Sewing the Hem Stitch

I love my sewing machine, but sometimes it’s easier – and better – to hand sew something together.¬† I like to do a lot of sewing by hand with hemming even though it’s probably just as easy to do it by machine.¬† Today, I’m going to show how to do some hand sewing hem stitch. How to Hand Sew a Hem StitchContents1 How to Hand Sew a Hem Stitch1.1 Step One: Match Your Fabric1.2 Step Three: Knot the End & Hide It1.3 Step Four: Stitch Straight Through1.4 Step Five: Repeat1.5 Do you hand sew a lot? Just like the name implies, this stitch is particularly useful if you want to hem something.¬† The advantage is that you will only see tiny “dots” of your stitch on the right-side of the fabric. Step One: Match Your Fabric You’ll want to go to the store and get the closest thread color to the fabric that you are trying to stitch.¬† For the purposes of this tutorial, I am going to use a bright color against a fabric scrap so you can see the stitches better.¬† Also, I used a knit fabric for this tutorial – sorry about that – but for some mysterious reason, I couldn’t find a better fabric scrap. You will need to know how to thread a needle – here is a good guide if you aren’t sure how to do that. Make sure you are buying the right thread – but, most of your projects will only require…

Lightroom Cropping and Rotating Tutorial

During the holiday season, I think I may take about 1,000 photographs of my family. No joke. It’s one of the reasons that I love this time of year, because I get to combine two things that I adore: my family and photography. I will post many of these photographs on my Instagram page … so I decided to teach some really basic Lightroom tutorials. This tutorial is a Lightroom cropping and rotating tutorial, which comes in handy when editing all my Insta-photos! Lightroom Cropping and Rotating Tutorial I once read a photography article that there are only two things that you can’t fix with Lightroom: out-of-focus (blurry) photographs (unless, of course, you want to create a blurry bokeh effect) and high ISO (pixelated) photographs. How true that is!! Lightroom is like magic. It makes everyone think that they are a smashing photographer — I know that it makes me feel like a superstar! With a little bit of cropping and rotating magic, and some Lightroom presets, you can make almost any photograph look like one taken by a pro. Let’s start with a photograph. Here’s one of #JoePaw, rolling in the grass on the hills near my house. I want to make this photo into an Insta-photo, so I want it to be square. I like this photograph as-is, because I like view in the background. But, it’s not square. Damn you, Instagram, and your square-ness! Okay, I take that back. I love you, Instagram. Well, we first have…

How to Make Painted Gourds

This week, I am going to show everyone a simple, yet beautiful fall decoration that you can use for your Thanksgiving centerpiece.¬† Painted gourds are lovely with some extra fall decor, like leaves or bold flowers in orange or red.¬† Perfect to start using right after the kiddos go back to school. How to Make Painted GourdsContents1 How to Make Painted Gourds2 What color will you make your painted gourds? Do you recognize some of these pumpkins and gourds?¬† I used them for last week’s styled stock photography photo shoot.¬† You can see what they look like before I painted them. ūüôā We will need some gourds and/or pumpkins. You first want to wash all the gourds, taking off any dirt or bad pieces.¬† You can also lightly sand them, although I did not.¬† Dry, preferably for a couple of hours. I used this metallic spray paint.¬† You will be surprised at how much you can paint. Lay out your newspaper (outside) and start spraying.¬† In my rush to get this post done, I unfortunately did this in a light rain — I do not recommend doing that!¬† Give a nice layer. Here we are, nice and sprayed. The next step, flip over after a few hours. and spray on the bottom. I did an extra coat on the top, which means that I sprayed on the top (once), waited two hours, flipped the gourds over and sprayed, waited two hours, and then flipped the gourds over right side up…

DIY Cloth Hat Diffuser for Your DSLR

I try to avoid using my on-camera flash because it tends to wash things out, especially people.¬† It also creates unsightly shadows and gives the skin illumination (which is NOT good).¬† In this tutorial, I am going to show you a super duper simple flash diffuser that you can create in like 5 minutes, and you can easily take it anywhere in your photo bag because it hardly weighs anything. DIY Cloth Hat Diffuser for Your DSLRContents1 DIY Cloth Hat Diffuser for Your DSLR2 How simple is this DIY cloth hat diffuser? I accidentally came across this little cloth hat last Christmas when I was trying to take photos of the family, but I hated the flash.¬† (The inside of the house during the dead of winter, not near any nice windows and natural light do not make for an optimal picture without the flash.) Remember that my husband gave me a bunch of white t-shirts? I’m going to create this little cloth hat from one. Take a little dish and create a circle.¬† Sorry about my circle, I think my marking pen is running out. Cut out the circle. Some elastic thread. Attach the elastic thread onto the circle.¬† Leave a little tail on it so you can tie it shut later. Hand-sew around the circle.¬† Remember to pull it taunt (so it creates a “hat”) and close it shut at the end. A back shot of my dSLR camera. And a front shot too! Here we are with…

How To Install Lightroom Presets

I received several emails over the past few months that my readers would really like some basic Lightroom tutorials. So, some of my upcoming blog posts will be on Lightroom and Photoshop. In this basic tutorial, I will teach you how to install a Lightroom preset.

100+ Blogging Photography Resources

This week, I am SUPER excited to launch my 100+ Blogging Photography Resources! I collected bunches of photo tips & tricks, free eCources, and information for photographers of any skill level. The best part? It’s absolutely FREE.

How to Photograph a Seamless White Background

Here’s a simple product/blogging photography trick that you can use to create a seamless white background. This tip is a great way to make your photographs stand out, if you have an object that you would like to take a picture of, but you don’t want to use a flat-lay.

An Upcycled Knit or Crochet Rug From T Shirts

T-shirt jersey material is soft and super absorbent, which makes it perfect material to upcycle a knit or crochet rug from t shirts. ¬†You can make your own mat in different ways, not just crocheting or knitting – you can hook, braid, sew, or loom it too. ¬†In this super simple tutorial, I will show you how to knit yourself a rug.¬† (I love to crochet these rugs, too!) You can also make cutouts from old t shirts too. An Upcycled Knit or Crochet Rug From T ShirtsContents1 An Upcycled Knit or Crochet Rug From T Shirts2 Would you upcycle some old t-shirts to make yourself a bath rug? I am working on making some spiffy new graphics. ¬†Hope you like them! ¬†If you do, drop me a comment.¬† And – you can also buy t-shirt yarn if you don’t want to go to the trouble of making your own. My husband had a few white t-shirts that he was donating to Salvation Army. ¬†I snagged them before they went into the donation bin. ūüôā I started by cutting the bottom hem off the t-shirt. ¬†Starting from the bottom, notch out the start and just keep cutting around and around. I like to stretch out the t-shirt as I go. I like to ravel it into a ball. Keep the ends unstretched, though. Once you get to the end of the bottom of the t-shirt, you should be left with the sleeves and a front and back panel. ¬†Cut off…

Refashion a T Shirt with Bows 10 Different Ways

I’ve been meaning to do this roundup of all my “Refashion a T Shirt with Bows 10 Different Ways” tutorials that I made over the summer, but somehow couldn’t get myself to actually publish this post.¬† But, at long last, today I finally have my bow tutorial roundup for everyone! 10 Ways to Refashion an Old T-Shirt With a Fabric Bow 1. ¬†Making Fabric Bows … Bows, Bows, Everywhere! This is the first tutorial, because you can basically dress up everything you own with your own custom fabric bow.¬† Make them from scrappy fabric or buy a fabric square.¬† You can also make headbands, scrunchies, bracelets, necklaces, hairbands, shoes, and neckties with bows too! 2. Refashion a Plain T-Shirt with a Bow Front 3. Fabric Bow-Back T-Shirt 4. Laces & Bows 5. Satin Bow Skirt 6. Another Simple Bow-Back T-Shirt 7. Shoulder Bow Gather 8. DIY Cheer Bow 9. Peasant Bow Shirt 10. Sofa Bow Pillow Bows aren’t just for humans. ¬†Joe Paw likes to look all spiffy, too. All dressed up and no place to go. #joepaw #bostonterriers‚†Ä A post shared by June Gil (Íłł ž§Äžąė) (@refashionistas) on Sep 12, 2017 at 8:33am PDT Can you think of any other ways to Refashion a T Shirt with Bows? If you liked this post, I would appreciate it if you PIN IT:

Easy Freezer Peanut Butter and Jelly Panda Sandwiches for School Lunches … It’s Pandamonium Over Here!

I love the fall, with its crisp air and pumpkins. ¬†But, it’s also a bitter-sweet time because my babies go back to school. ¬†It’s like the Game of Thrones finale, where you have to wait until next summer to find out what happens to your favorite characters, or, in this case, what your vacay plans are. ¬†School also brings a wealth of school-time activities and school-time STUFF, like, y’know, school lunches. ¬†Today, Joe Paw and I are going to show you how to make the ultimate in cuteness for your baby’s school lunch: the peanut butter and jelly panda sandwich.

Our Refashion Site is Under a Refashion!

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks while we do a tune up and a site refashion! Meanwhile, follow me, Joe and Kitty on Instagram to see our daily adventures. My mommy says I am a good boy. #bostonterriers #ilovemybostonterrier #woofwoof #bostonterriersrock A post shared by June Gil (Íłł ž§Äžąė) (@refashionistas) on Aug 17, 2017 at 8:46am PDT

DIY Shorts From A Shirt

Today, Kitty and I are going to show you how to refashion DIY shorts from a shirt, because it’s the end of the summer and we need to sneak in some summer clothing on the blog. Jersey shorts are awesome if you are lazy, like us. I hate wearing nice clothes when it’s hot outside, and Kitty hates going outside because the outside is a scary place. Try to find the largest t-shirt that you can, and if necessary, use two t-shirts. DIY Shorts From A ShirtContents1 DIY Shorts From A Shirt2 Would you wear these DIY shorts from a shirt? And do you think Kitty is going to murder me in my sleep for making him model with his headband? Let me know in the comments! Most of the time, I lounge around in moo-moos. ¬†Kitty just lounges around. Man, I wish I was a house cat. But only if my owner was, well, me. Then again, I make him model for silly clothing that I make him from my refashion scraps, hahaha. But, I digress. My moo-moos. Well, they are what I call moo-moos, but I actually think they are just nightgowns. ¬†Yes, I told you that I was lazy. ¬†Moo-moos are the ultimate in lazy women’s wear. ¬†I modified mine so they are little more form fitting, but they are still moo-moos. What do moo-moos have to do with jersey shorts? ¬†Well, jersey shorts are just as lazy. ¬†You can wear them with a t-shirt (try one…

22 Inspirational Bullet Journal Roundup

I was joking around with some of my law school friends that Today, post-bar, I threw up a bullet journal roundup blog post because my life is a chaotic mess.¬† I likes these layouts because I am fond of cute things, and also, I think they are different than all the other ones you find on Pinterest. 22 Inspiration Bullet Journal RoundupContents1 22 Inspiration Bullet Journal Roundup2 Which layout of the Bullet Journal Roundup would you use? So for the past three months, I have been studying for the bar exam.¬† This exam is no joke.¬† 12 hours per day of studying equates to roughly zero life.¬† By the time I took this test, I was ready to stab out my eyeballs.¬† So, first, my sincere apologies to anyone who tried to get into contact with me during this period of time.¬† As much as I love blogging and making blogging friends, I kinda wanna pass my bar exam.¬† Don’t worry, I still love you even if I am incognito. xoxo But, seriously, I have this huuuuuge to-do list now. You can kind of see part of the to-do list on the right-hand side. Welp, my to-do list does not stop there.¬† I completed a total of six pages of to-dos that I need to get done. I was joking around with some of my law school friends that the thing that I was most looking forward to doing is cutting coupons and grocery shopping.¬† So one of the first…

Panda Sugar Cookies … It’s Pandamonium Over Here!

A few weeks ago, I blogged about making panda cupcakes, which was a huge hit.¬† Those panda cupcakes are at over 1k pins already!!¬† So I whipped up another panda-themed, adorable dessert.¬† (Can you tell that I am addicted to yummy, cute-themed desserts?¬† I mean, seriously.) These panda sugar cookies are really easy to make, with no strange ingredients.¬† I found everything at the grocery-store in the baking aisle.¬† You can use a ready-to-make sugar cookie package, or make use your own sugar cookie recipe. Panda Sugar Cookies … It’s Pandamonium Over Here!Contents1 Panda Sugar Cookies … It’s Pandamonium Over Here!2 I just wanna eat these panda sugar cookies all up, how about you? ūüôā ¬†[amd-yrecipe-recipe:4] Another pictures. ūüôā And here is a full plate of yummy, adorable pandas. I had loads of fun making these little panda sugar cookies, and we ate them in like one day.¬† You can also save them in a plastic container.¬† Use my grandma’s old trick, and throw in a piece of bread if you plan to keep the cookies for more than a few days – it will soak up all the staleness! [grid columns=”one_half”] Nifty Thrifty Sunday Pinspiration [/grid] [grid columns=”one_half” is_last=”true”] Inspiration Monday [/grid] I just wanna eat these panda sugar cookies all up, how about you? ūüôā If you like this post, I would appreciate it if you PIN IT:

Live Frugally: 5 Ways Living in a Smaller House is Better

About six months ago, I got a bug to buy a pool.¬† I’m not sure why, but I think I may have seen a FaceBook post from one of my friends (you know, one of those friends who is always bragging about all the stuff).¬† Keeping up with the Joneses. I don’t even swim that much.¬† We used to own a pool membership until we realized that we only went twice per season, so each trip cost us about $150.¬† Now, we go to the lake.¬† The lake isn’t chlorinated, but it is free. Live Frugally: 5 Ways Living in a Smaller House is BetterContents1 Live Frugally: 5 Ways Living in a Smaller House is Better2 Do you think living in a smaller house is better? My desire slowly burned out, mostly because I couldn’t find the house that I wanted.¬† But I also realized that buying a larger house right now would not be a financially savvy move (pun intended). I spoke to someone the other day, who related to me that she grew up in a 2 bedroom home.¬† Her parents had five children — she had three sisters.¬† Her brother got the other bedroom, and all four sisters shared a very small attic.¬† Two sets of bunk beds.¬† Enough room for one sister to change at a time. Remember back to 2008, before the housing crash, when everyone bought mega houses?¬† I see these houses, in equally large neighborhoods.¬† The front of the houses are bare with…

Sofa Bow Pillow From a Man’s Sweater

Returning readers to my blog know how much I love refashioning clothes, accessories, and home decorations from men’s clothing. ¬†Not only can loads of projects be made out of men’s stuff, but men’s clothing tends to be a lot sturdier than woman’s clothing — really, I’ve seen such a downgrade in the quality of women’s clothes. ¬†Making pillows from men’s sweaters are a great way to upcycle. ¬†You can also turn your old pillows and give them new life into sofa pillows (after a run through the washing machine). ¬†Double upcycle! ūüôā

Sofa Bow Pillow From a Man's Sweater - Step-by-step sewing tutorial with clear photographs and instructions. Upcycle a sweater, and refashion clothes into this cute home decoration. A great, low-cost way to change up your home accessories for each season, or just style your home on the cheap. Remake, redo, reuse, and recycle to help save money and save the planet. Explore the web site for more refashioning tutorials, dozens of cute refashionista and fashion ideas.

DIY Cheer Bow Blue and White Stripes for July Fourth

I have a fun and cheerful (pun intended!) tutorial for you today! ¬†My daughter cheers varsity for the high school, and she is constantly looking for unique and cute cheer bows. I swear, it’s like a cheerleader obsession. ¬†During practice, cheerleaders want the bows that no one else has! ¬†So I made this DIY cheer bow for her for Independence Day. ¬†If you want, you can also make an cheer bow set for the entire team for like $10.

DIY Cheer Bow Blue and White Stripes for July Fourth - Step-by-step NO-SEW (and sewing) tutorial. Make your own, customizable cheer bows for the entire team for about $10. A great, low-cost accessory for your own cheerleader, either for a special occasion or for your duaghter to be unique. Explore the web site for more refashioning, sewing, and crafting tutorials, each with clear photos and instructions.

How To Make Golf Themed Cupcakes Recipe

Happy Father’s Day! Today, I will show you how to make golf themed cupcakes. This golf cupcake recipe is simple (because I use a boxed set), but the topping is so cute for any dad (or mom!) who loves golf.

Fabulous July 4th Tie Die Dress From Two Men’s White T-Shirts

I’m reposting this¬†blog post Fabulous July 4th Tie Die Dress From Two Men’s White T-Shirts¬†because, for whatever reason, my other blog post is broken — every time I try to update the post, it crashes my web site! ¬†I know I’m not supposed to “reblog” the same post, but since it constantly breaks my web site, I thought I’d make the jump …

Make this July 4th Tie Die Dress from two plain white men's t-shirts! Full DIY sewing step-by-step tutorial. #recycle #upcycle #refashionista

Shoulder Bows T-Shirt Refashion with a Gather

I bought an extra man’s green t-shirt for St. Patrick’s Day, but it was a little too bright. ¬†I think the color is more appropriate for the hazy, happy days of summer! ¬†So here’s another ten minute refashion, making a shoulder bows t-shirt. ¬†This gives a little feminine ruffle detail on the shoulder. ¬†This gather-sewing trick can be used in all sorts of different refashions, such as on the sleeves or on the sides to create a little bit of extra detail. ¬†I always use plain t-shirt in order to show off the refashions, but this would look¬†just as nice with a printed t-shirt, maybe even more so.

Make this simple shoulder bows t-shirt refashion with string bows! Step-by-step, DIY sewing tutorial. #crafting #crafts #upcycle #recycle #refashionista

The $25 Macro Lens Photography for Bloggers Hack

Bloggers know that you need to take good photos, but macro lens for your dSLR camera can be quite expensive. ¬†This¬†Nikon AF-S FX Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED Fixed Zoom Lens¬†costs almost $600, and this¬†Nikon AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED¬†costs almost $900. ¬†I am saving up my money to purchase these Nikon macro lens, but in the meantime, I want to show everyone the¬†$25 macro lens photography for bloggers hack. ¬†Of course, anyone can use this hack, but bloggers (who can’t yet afford the expensive lens) will benefit from this.


Instead of buying an expensive macro lens for your digital camera, try out this $25 hack to get closer photographs. Great for bloggers to save money! I am saving up my money to buy a Nikon macro lens, but in the meantime, I use these great little lens to take photos. More step-by-step tutorials on the web site

Simple Cut Bows T-Shirt Refashion

This week, we have a very quick refashion — you make this shirt in less than 5 minutes with some fabric glue, so it’s also a no sew refashion. ¬†This shirt is a simple cut bows t-shirt. ¬†A good candidate for the “before” shirt is a t-shirt with some kind of decal or logo on the front, but blank on the back, although I think it would look fine with a decal or logo on the back, too, just a little “crowded.”


How To Professionally Fold A Shirt

This is my way on how to professionally fold a shirt. I hate to clean, and I hate laundry even more. ¬†Laundry is a horrible demon to test the strength of any marriage. ¬†But, I like folding t-shirts! ¬†Something about making them all stand up straight makes me smile. ¬†Okay, so I’m weird. ¬†So today, I am going to provide a step-by-step guide on the absolute best way to fold a t-shirt!

Lace Bow Refashion from a Plain White T-Shirt

I’m going to show you an awesome bow ensemble … so this blog post will be the first of two. ¬†This post is a lace bow refashion using a plain white t-shirt, and next week, I will show you how to refashion a simple bow skirt. (You’ll be able to see both of the refashions in my pictures!)

Refashion / upcycle plain t-shirts with lace and a bow on your back! This refashioned shirt turned out so awesome. Step-by-step DIY sewing tutorial for upcycling clothes into some other type of clothing or accessory. Remake, redo, reuse, and recycle to help save money and save the planet. Explore the web site for more refashioning tutorials, dozens of cute refashionista and fashion ideas with good, clear photos and instructions.

A Fabulous Fabric Bow Back T-Shirt Refashion

I’m so excited to show you this week’s refashion! ¬†Purple¬†is such an awesome color for the spring, too. ¬†This Fabric Bow Back T-Shirt took a bit longer than some of the other t-shirt tutorials because I had to make all the fabric bows, but once you make the squares, the shirt comes together nicely.

A Fabulous Fabric Bow Back T-Shirt Refashion - Refashion / upcycle those t-shirts with leftover fabric or fat quarters! Add bows down the back of your t-shirt to make this shirt awesome. Step-by-step DIY sewing tutorial for upcycling clothes into some other type of clothing or accessory. Remake, redo, reuse, and recycle to help save money and save the planet. Explore the web site for more refashioning tutorials, dozens of cute refashionista and fashion ideas with good, clear photos and instructions.

Panda Cupcakes – It’s Pandamonium Here!

School-aged children brings school-run functions. ¬†I have a few “go to” recipes for these functions, and these panda cupcakes is definitely one of the first ones that we think of. ¬†The best part of this recipe is that my kids love to bake them with me, and can’t wait to decorate the pandas (especially the ears). ¬†A few weeks ago, my daughter and I had “Mommy and Daughter” time by baking these pandas for the youngest’s cheer banquet. ¬†The cupcakes are deceivingly easy to make, as well, all using common stuff you can buy at the grocery store. Panda Cupcakes – It’s Pandamonium Here!Contents1 Panda Cupcakes – It’s Pandamonium Here!2 Tell me what you think of these panda cupcakes in the comments! These came out so cute, if I do say so myself! ¬†We frosted, then assembled, each panda one at a time. ¬†My daughter loved them and she was excited to bring them to her cheer banquet. Featured on: [amd-yrecipe-recipe:2]   Super easy!   If you like these panda cupcakes, will you please pin it?   [grid columns=”one_third”] Our Mini Linky Inspiration Monday Creative Corner #TwinklyTuesday [/grid] [grid columns=”one_third”] {nifty thrifty sundays} Over the Moon Show+Tell [/grid] [grid columns=”one_third” is_last=”true”] Happiness is Homemade #BloggyBrunch Tuesday Pin-Spiration Welcome Home Wednesdays [/grid] Tell me what you think of these panda cupcakes in the comments!

Making Fabric Bows … Bows, Bows, Bows Everywhere!

Making fabric bows!! ¬†Bows are so beautiful. ¬†This tutorial is part of a series of 10 posts … all about bows! ¬†I am going to¬†craft or refashion 10 projects using fabric bows in some way or another. ¬†After the series is over, I will come back to each post and add all of the tutorials. ¬†For this bow, you could make it into a hair bow or even just add some flair to a shirt or something. ¬†My daughter has already requested a bunch of hair bows.   Making Fabric Bows … Bows, Bows, Bows Everywhere!Contents1 Making Fabric Bows … Bows, Bows, Bows Everywhere!2 How to Make a Fabric Bows the No Sew Method3 How many things can you refashion making fabric bows? Sometime around Christmas of last year, I decided to dedicate myself to weekly blog posts. ¬†Prior to January, I was scheduling posts whenever I felt like it (rather than on a true schedule). ¬†Well, it’s been A. Lot. Of. Work. ¬†It’s really easy to get discouraged, because even with Pinterest, results are very slow. A few weeks ago, one of my Pins got picked up by a decent-sized Pinner. ¬†Well, I was ecstatic!! ¬†I think I literally danced in my kitchen. [The corresponding web site is How to Paint Furniture Like a Pro, a post I created a few years ago.] ¬†So I know that at least I created one blog post that people find useful. ¬†Or maybe my image was nice. ūüôā If you are a…

40+ Adorable Easter Bunny Crafts & Ideas

I love Easter bunny crafts & ideas. I collected 40+ of them for you! Something about bunnies … they are super duper cute. Those little fluffy white tails marks the beginning of spring. I used to make lots of rabbits when the girls were young and stuff them inside their Easter baskets. I still get to sneak in some crafts for them. Hey, who said getting Easter baskets was only for kids, amirite?

Fabric Headband Refashion from a Thrifted T-Shirt

I love refashioning and reusing t-shirts and other fabric scraps. ¬†Upcycling all those t-shirts is so eco-conscious. I could write blog posts about all the t-shirt remakes that I do. ¬†Alas, most are reused into cloth napkins, of which I have a variety of uses in my house. ¬†However, the colorful t-shirts are often remade into something else, like upcycling skirts or completely remaking a shirt into a cut-out design. ¬†Let’s turn this thrifted t-shirt into a fabric headband!!

Refashion / upcycle those t-shirts into awesome fabric headbands! Step-by-step DIY sewing tutorial for upcycling clothes into some other type of clothing or accessory. Remake, redo, reuse, and recycle to help save money and save the planet. Explore the web site for more refashioning tutorials, dozens of cute refashionista and fashion ideas with good, clear photos and instructions.

6 St. Patrick’s Day Refashions


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!! ¬†You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find some refashions for St. Patrick’s Day!! ¬†I looked for a long time on both Pinterest and Google and couldn’t come up with too much. ¬†Here are 6 St. Patrick’s Day Refashions for all you fashionistas out there.

6 St. Patrick's Day clothing refashions and step-by-step sewing tutorials. #recycle #upcycle #refashionista #crafts #diy #clothes

How To Make A Bleach Design Shirt For St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s a tutorial on how to make a bleach design shirt … with a cute shamrock design just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. I think it’s a good idea to have a St. Patrick’s Day shirt around for these kind of occasions … my daughters sometimes have “Spirit Week” at school, so this shirt is quite handy.

Here's a tutorial on how to make a bleach design shirt ... with a cute shamrock design just in time for St. Patrick's Day. I think it's a good idea to have a St. Patrick's Day shirt around for these kind of occasions ... my daughters sometimes have "Spirit Week" at school, so this shirt is quite handy.

A Love Cut Out T-Shirt Refashion for Valentine’s Day

Remember this heart cut-out t-shirt refashion¬†that I made for Valentine’s Day? And the heart shaped back cut out t-shirt? ¬†That shirt is one of my favorites. ¬†I wear it out and about a lot. ¬†Like I said last week, tons of people have told me how much they love it, too. ¬†So, we’re going to make more of these lovely upcycled and refashioned t-shirts. ¬†My goal is to have an entire dresser drawer full of these lovelies by the end of the year!


Another awesome Valentine's Day refashion t-shirt with the word "LOVE" cut out with red lace. Simple step-by-step DIY sewing tutorial. Upcycle! Fashionista!

How To Make A Heart Cut Out Shirt Refashion For Valentine’s Day

.Here’s another tutorial on how to make a heart cut out shirt. Do you remember this heart cut-out t-shirt refashion? ¬†I love that shirt. ¬†Everyone else loves that shirt, too. ¬†I get soooo many compliments on it. ¬†The best part about that t-shirt is that it is a 10 minute, quick sew tutorial. ¬†Well, this year, I have another quick-sew, step-by-step DIY tutorial on how to refashion a plain gray t-shirt into a back heart cutout for Valentine’s Day!

How to make a heart cut out shirt. Do you remember this heart cut-out t-shirt refashion?  I love that shirt.  Everyone else loves that shirt, too.  I get soooo many compliments on it.  The best part about that t-shirt is that it is a 10 minute, quick sew tutorial.  Well, this year, I have another quick-sew, step-by-step DIY tutorial on how to refashion a plain gray t-shirt into a back heart cutout for Valentine's Day!

Bone Broth Soup Recipe – In a Slow Cooker

Our family¬†frequently eats a whole chicken, usually once per week on Sundays during the winter time. ¬†A whole chicken meal makes such an economical meal because you can get at least two meals out of a chicken. ¬†For the second day, I usually make some type of soup with a chicken broth base. ¬†This bone broth soup is so nutritious and yummy. ¬†You can use this recipe for a variety of different things: chicken stock, your chicken recipes, and medicine —¬†how about making your own, homemade chicken noodle soup for the cold & flu season?


Key Fobs Craft DIY Homemade Wristlet

For Christmas, our family makes homemade gifts for each other. ¬†We’ve had this tradition for a long time, so I’m constantly on the hunt for a DIY, homemade gift that does not totally suck. ¬†Like most teenagers, mine have some high standards. ¬†I originally made these cute little key fobs during Christmas a few weeks ago for the women in our family (my kids as well as sister-in-laws, nieces, and friends), but I just haven’t gotten around to writing about it. ¬†Key fobs are so easy to make! ¬†This entire batch of key fobs took me less than 15 minutes.

DIY Key Fobs wristlets. Easy step-by-step sewing tutorial. You can make a no-sew version using fabric glue, too. #crafting #crafts


Top 10 Money Saving Websites to Help You Get Debt Free in the New Year

Here is a list of money saving websites … for you, as well as a reminder for me …¬†how I can implement frugal living in the New Year and grow my savings account! ¬†I added a list to almost every website on nice big list on ways to save money. Top 10 Money Saving Websites to Help You Get Debt Free in the New Year The last two and a half years has been eventful, to say the least. ¬†It’s amazing how your life can change in only one year, never mind in two. ¬†And, with the ushering in of 2017, we come to our New Year’s resolutions. It seems like I add “saving money” to my list every single year. ¬†I mean, I like money. ¬†I always need more of it. ¬†Money is partially the reason that I went back to school. ¬†You see, there are two ways to saving more money. ¬†The first way is to cut out your expenses. ¬†The second way is to earn more money. ¬†Going back to school will help with the second way – upon graduation, I will be able to earn more. But … this post is about the first way, to cut your expenses. I have, again, added “saving money” to my New Year’s resolution.¬† I know this year, I can try to squeeze out a little bit more than last year.¬† This is even with an added job.¬† After all, I did better this year than I did last year.¬†…

Repurposing (Upcycled) Fashion Clothing: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

For this week’s upcycled fashion clothing project, I decided to repurpose a pair of pants that I hate. They weren’t my mother’s pants — they were something that I overpaid for at a yard sale — but I hate to throw them out because the label says “Aeropostale” on it. Yeah, okay, I’m a sucker for a label.¬† That, and I overpaid for them so it’s more like being stubborn.¬† Of course, I wouldn’t be the first woman to make a fashion mispurchase! Here they are, the before picture. I’m not really sure why I hated these pants. They don’t seem too bad in the photo. A little Rit Dye powder in wine will take care of these ugly pants: Here they are taking a bath. At this point, I’m lazy so I don’t want to swish around the pants in the water anymore, so I decide to put them into my washing machine and let the machine take care of the details. After washing and then drying the pants, I added some sparkle with fabric spray-on glitter. Totally funky! Here’s my daughter Lex striking a pose for me. You can’t see the glitter too well in this picture.¬† It’s very subtle, but they are fab for the family holiday party that we’re headed off to.¬† They say that paint is the cheapest way to change the look of a room. I guess that goes for pants, too! My face cloth (that I wiped down the sides of my washing…

Repurposing (Upcycled) House Decorations: Using Shadow Boxes to Celebrate the Season

Yesterday, I was cleaning out my cabinet and saw the shadow boxes picture frames that I use to put our family pictures. I got a flash of inspiration! Wouldn’t it be great to cut up some old Christmas cards and put them in the shadow boxes to decorate for the Christmas season?   Here are some old cards that I had lying around from my mother’s card collection.¬† My mother was obsessed with greeting cards of all types, and she collected them like a fiend.¬† Most of the time, she got them for free in some fashion or another, like through those annoying pleas for donations that come in the mail. I cut out the card and put it in one of the frames.¬† This one had a mat so it made it easier.¬† The others did not. Voila!¬† Instant Christmas decorations! With love, Follow me on Pinterest! Let me know what you think.¬† Came out pretty spiffy, eh?

Repurposing Clothing into Decorations: Homemade Sweater Pillow

Here is another upcycled/repurposing idea for everyone: sweater pillows.  Since I really needed some couch pillows, this makes for a fabulously frugal and really cool recycled clothing idea.  I gave the argyle one to my sister-in-law.

My friend gave me an entire pile of clothing, yes, this is in addition to my already full closet full of my mother’s clothes!¬† I can’t say no to a good clothing deal though, and free is the best deal of all.¬† Out of that pile came a really cool men’s argyle sweater which was way too big for my husband but also way too cute to let go.¬† Then, I came across this blog post about turning a sweater into a pillow and I had to try it out.

First, I cut up a regular bed pillow.¬† We had a ton of extra down pillows in the house because my husband didn’t really like sleeping on them.¬† I cut it in half, with lots of extra feathers left over to make a small pillow with some extra cloth from other clothing projects.


22 Awesome Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oilArchive is one of nature’s best superfoods, having absolutely awesome uses for the body. ¬†I use a refined, organic version (Nature’s Promise) that I can find in the grocery store. ¬†Since I hate the smell of coconut, I buy the refined coconut oilArchive¬†– you can also buy the unrefined coconut oilArchive too. ¬†I also prefer the organic stuff that is cold-pressed. ¬†One jar usually lasts me months, but I also do not cook with it. ¬†(I usually cook with sesame seed and olive oils.)

22 Awesome Uses for Coconut Oil - Coconut oil is one of nature's superfoods. This list shows you 22 fantastic uses for coconut oil. Great for hair, skin, food, baby, and even furniture! You can find refined or unrefined coconut oil right in your grocery store aisle. Explore the web site for more craft tutorials, dozens of cute refashionista and fashion ideas with good, clear photos and instructions.

4 Awesome Stock Photography Sites for Bloggers

Photography is so important for blog posts. These 4 stock photography sites were created just for bloggers like you. All offer free stuff for bloggers (such as a bunch of free flat-lay photos), inexpensive packages, and most of all — awesome photographs! Bloggers can create hundreds of different images, instantly, for all of your blog posts and social media content!

Photography is so important for blog posts. These 4 stock photography sites were created just for bloggers like you. All offer free stuff for bloggers (such as a bunch of free flat-lay photos), inexpensive packages, and most of all -- awesome photographs! Bloggers can create hundreds of different images, instantly, for all of your blog posts and social media content! Make your blog beautiful. :)

10 Step Korean Beauty Skin Routine

The Korean beauty skin routine is world famous. ¬†Here is my daily beauty steps — advice from a Korean woman, living in America. ¬†Amazon links to the best Korean skin products (tried and true, from me). ¬†Layering is absolutely key, so here’s how to do it properly.

10 Step Korean Beauty Skin Routine - The Korean skin care routine is world famous. Here is my daily beauty steps -- advice from a Korean woman, living in America. Amazon links to the best Korean skin products (tried and true, from me). Layering is absolutely key, so here's how to do it properly.

30 Super Cute Easter Foods To Make

These super cute Easter foods to make are totally awesome!! Easter is one the best crafty times of year, even above Valentine’s Day (my favorite holiday) and Christmas, but other than sewing or making crafts (especially for the children) or hiding Easter eggs for the kids (usually with some money in the plastic eggs for the kids), I don’t go all out with making food.

10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Refashions

Upcycle something beautiful for Valentine’s Day! ¬†Here’s a list of 10 awesome clothing tutorials for the day of love. ¬†Refashionistas abound! ¬†Remaking your clothes is such an economical, fashionable, and eco-conscious thing to do. 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day RefashionsContents1 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Refashions2 Would you wear any of these¬†10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Refashions? ¬†Let me know in the comments! 1.¬†Heart Cutout T-Shirt on Your Back 2. Tone on Tone Hearts 3. Wordy Sweater 4. Cookie Cutter Heart Shirt 5. Sequin Heart Elbow Patch 6. Phases of the Heart 7. Heart Cutout on the Front from a Faded T-Shirt 8. Ruffled Heart 9. Hashtag Be Mine 10. Lovely Lace Sweetheart Shirt Would you wear any of these¬†10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Refashions? ¬†Let me know in the comments!

20 Awesome T-Shirt Refashions

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful time last night. The New Year always brings a bunch of blogging “bests,” as in “Best of My Posts” posts. ¬†This year, I created a list of 20 t-shirt refashions to help spark some creativity and inspiration! ¬†All of the upcycled t-shirts in this list are to remake t-shirts into different t-shirts.¬† Also check out my 10 super bow refashions!¬† Be gorgeous!!

Here Comes Peter Cottontail: Making an Easter Bunny Plushie

I decided to join Tiny Sidekick’s Pinterest Challenge. This is where bloggers were challenged to create something that they pinned. ¬†Since it is close to Easter, I went to search for Easter Bunny Craft Ideas. ¬†I created this plush bunny,¬†an easy Easter craft to make. ¬†It’s such an easy to sew pattern! ¬†Especially since it uses felt, which makes it very easy for little fingers (if you are completing this Easter project with children), or adults with fat fingers (like me). I traced the template and ironed it onto plush material. ¬†Sorry for the blurry picture. ūüôĀ Here are all the pieces. Here’s Peter’s head and ear. ¬†I didn’t have any pinking shears so I had to cut it out with a pair of scissors. Ear turned inside out. Finished head. And finally, attaching his head to his body. Next time, I am going to cut more of a seam allowance based on my own seams, which were admittedly more like 1/2″ rather than 1/4″. ¬†I’m also going to invest in some pinking shears. ¬†The only issue that I had with this pattern and template was that you should pink around the body as well since it is very bulky once it is turned inside out (of course … that could also be my seam allowance!). Pink bunny was just in time for my friend Peter who is experiencing some troubles. Here comes Peter Cottontail Hoppin’ down the bunny trail Hippity hoppin’, Easter’s on its way Bringin’ every girl and…

Remaking a Long Sleeve Shirt with Dip Dye and Lace

Remaking a Long Sleeve Shirt with Dip Dye and Lace - Refashion / upcycle those t-shirts with some dip dye and lace! Step-by-step DIY sewing tutorial for upcycling clothes into some other type of clothing or accessory. Remake, redo, reuse, and recycle to help save money and save the planet. Explore the web site for more refashioning tutorials, dozens of cute refashionista and fashion ideas with good, clear photos and instructions.

Welcome to spring, everyone! ¬†I know it’s officially been spring for about two weeks, but it hasn’t felt like spring. Today, I’m refashioning a plain white, long-sleeve jersey shirt. We’re going to upcycle this shirt into something a little jazzier, with some dip dye and lace. ¬†Another great t-shirt refashion, here we come!

House Organizing & Upcycling Curtains

I have been furiously trying to declutter my house. ¬†Mainly due to spring fever but also because I am part of the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge. ¬†One of the projects I tackled this past week is organizing the cabinet underneath my kitchen sink, which is a total mess. ¬†(Sorry that I didn’t get a before picture!) I bought this pedestal sink organizer to store all those cleaning things that were previously under the kitchen sink cabinet. Here it is installed. ¬†Nice and neat, but also nice and ugly. Underneath the kitchen sink looks nice too. ¬†Trash, paper and plastic recycling and some necessary cleaners for the kitchen, e.g. dishwashing detergent. Remember the table that I painted earlier this year? ¬†Well, it had a curtain across the front of it when it was in my kitchen, hanging by a pressure curtain rod. ¬†A little upcycling and now I have … An entirely new bathroom sink, complete with organized storage! Have any of you tried this? ¬†Let me know in the comments. With love, Follow me on Pinterest! Let me know what you think in the comments.

10 Awesome Projects for St. Patrick’s Day That Don’t Completely Suck

Here’s another round up of cute ideas for the Luck O’ the Irish! 1. Clover Headband 2. Growing Shamrocks¬†from Martha Stewart 3. Shamrock Hair Clips from felt 4. St. Patty’s Day T-Shirts really cute for going out with the buddies on the luckiest day of the year 5. Decorate in Green Bottles this is really fun for any time of the year and I have some old wine bottles that could really use a facelift 6. Rainbow Stache Bag I just simply love this 7. Chocolate Mint Brownies Yum — enough said 8. Interchangeable Holiday Picture Frame 9. Key Lime Shamrock Cake for the more adventurous of us, who can actually bake, e.g. not me 10. Crocheted Shamrock Hat very cute for a baby … and one to grow on! 11. Green Muffin Hat

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge: Week 1 Update

I am participating in Crystal Paine’s 4 Week to a More Organized Home Challenge. ¬†I will preface this by saying that I utterly failed this week on all of my cleaning expectations. ¬†It’s the end of the week and my house is a mess. What happened??? ¬†I had such dreams of a clean, clutter-free house! Be Realistic. Anxiety comes when your reality does not meet your expectations. ¬†Therefore, the easiest solution to having a cleaner home is to lower your expectations for perfection. You might think that this is just the opposite or counterproductive, but it is not. ¬†When I am a lot more relaxed about my surroundings, I tend to be less stressed out, which in turns means that I have more time. ¬†Sounds crazy, right? ¬†But it’s not. ¬†Stress seems to always inflate time, making every job harder and every job take longer. ¬†If you don’t believe me, can you remember a time that you didn’t get enough sleep? ¬†Stress is like that. ¬†It makes you dreary, it makes you sluggish, and most of all, it is bad for your health. I wanted to do this challenge but this week was very busy for me. ¬†I was outside of the house all week doing various things, such as doctors appointments, some training for a volunteer program, a court date, and a funeral. ¬†Normally, I am at home and have a lot of available time to do things. ¬†I was frustrated today, to say the least, when seeing my…

All-Natural Homemade Lotion

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with making my own beauty supplies, so you will probably start to see a bunch of blog posts about my attempts. ¬†One of the first things that I need is some lotion. ¬†The winter always dries out my skin, and I have very dry skin anyway. This recipe is very easy and I have to say, the lotion melts into your skin and makes it super soft. ¬†The best part is, you can get all the ingredients on Amazon. You will need: 1/2 cup avocado oil (you can also use extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, or almond oil) 1/4 cup beeswax 1/4 cup coconut oil vitamin E oil Put a clean glass jar in the middle of some water and start to boil it. Add all the ingredients. ¬†The easiest way to add the coconut oil (without heating it) is to scoop it out and put it in a measuring cup. Now, you just have to boil all the ingredients. ¬†I picked up the jar with a pair of tongs and stirred the concoction around a few times, but you do not have to do that. ¬†Wait until it has all melted. Melting the ingredients will take a bit. ¬†It should look like liquid oil. Now, all you have to do is wait until it cools down and then mix it around to “whip” it. Here is the end result. Enjoy! With love, Follow me on Pinterest! If you make this lotion, let me know…

Upcycle a T-Shirt Into a Simple Heart Scarf

We have another Valentine’s Day post today. ¬†This one you can do in about five minutes. ¬†If you have to work on V-Day, you’ll be ready to wear something to the office and keep warm. Do you remember this red t-shirt from last week’s upcycled Valentine’s Day heart t-shirt post? ¬†To make this scarf, the best material is a man’s shirt because they do not have side hems. Cut off the bottom of the t-shirt, wide enough for a scarf. ¬†Don’t worry about hemming the material since t-shirts don’t require hemming. Now, cut off the bottom. ¬†Again, we’re not going to hem it. Cut the material in half. Now cut some fringe. We’re going to use this Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Fabric Paints Gold. Paint a heart near the fringe. On both sides. And here it is up close. Now you’re ready to be fabulous!   With love, Follow me on Pinterest! What are you planning on wearing for Valentine’s Day? ¬†Let me know in the comments!   Share Some WordPress Love: DIY: Upcycled Sweater Scarf Tutorial and¬†Giveaway

Heart Cut Out Shirt Tutorial For Valentine’s Day

Today’s blog post is a heart cut out shirt tutorial for Valentine’s Day! We’ll upcycle a faded t-shirt into something really spiffy.¬†Like most stay-at-home or work-from-home moms, I really don’t have a need to dress up. This might seem kind of funny since I run a blog that has a lot of recycled clothing.

Also, if you are like me, then you have some of these faded-out t-shirts hanging around.  Perfect for refashioning those t-shirts into something cool!

How to Paint Furniture Like a Pro

I realize that this blog post is coming late, as in almost a month late. I also realize that I haven’t posted in a very long time, at least not until this month. 2013 saw many mishaps like this for me, rushing in to do things and then letting them slide to the wayside. If my craft stash has anything to say about it, I have many balls of yarn that haven’t been knitted, many thrifted pieces that haven’t been sewn, and a dozen or more blog posts that haven’t been written.

So this year, I decided on a New Year’s keyword. This is different than a New Year’s resolution, mainly because it’s not a resolution. It’s a theme. A codex to live by. Something to keep me motivated because I’m trying to change my life, but won’t guilt me into doing it because I’m notoriously procrastinating.

This year’s keyword is balance.
How to Paint Furniture Like a Pro - turn an old, thrifted, or craigslist piece of furniture brand new again by giving it a fresh coat of paint. DIY step-by-step project tutorial for the home. Recycle, upcycle, reuse, redo, and remake to save your wallet and save the planet. More upcycling and refashioning step-by-step tutorials and ideas at Sofa Table Refinish & Repaint.

Remaking a Plain White T-Shirt and Jean Shorts into a Fabulous Ensemble

I am super excited for today’s post. ¬†I’ve had this pair of short and this top for a while now. ¬†Having plain shorts and a plain white t-shirt is great if you want to pair it with something more intricate, loud, or flashy. ¬†But I didn’t like either of these pieces for that purpose. ¬†This is perhaps because both pieces scream “Do something with me!!!” ¬†And do something, I shall. ¬†Time for a refashion! Let’s get rid of that not-so-well-done hem job on the shorts. Iron it out. I’m going to throw in some lace, too … Into the dye bath we go. Let’s dip dye the shirt. We’ll dip dye the shorts, too, but a string is needed to hang them so they don’t fall in. On second thought, that string is great idea. ¬†I’m going to dip dye the sleeves of the shirt too. After thoroughly rinsing with cold water, I let the ensemble sun dry, and then threw them in the dryer, then washer, then dryer again. ¬†They are ready for some upcycling. I got some sequins for the bottom of the shirt, but alas, it wasn’t wide enough!! Some really fancy ribbon, cut up into pieces, to the rescue. Add some of that dyed lace and a flower on top of the ribbon. I had some extra pieces of ribbon, so I’m going to add them to the sleeves and collar. And we are all done. Wow!! Best remake I’ve done yet! ¬†Close-ups of the sleeve…

Upcycling an Ugly Dress into a Smashing Shirt

I found this dress at the Salvation Army. ¬†The top part of the dress left much to be desired. ¬†The designer obviously thought it was fashionable, but the fit was not right. ¬†But the bottom … what a great material! ¬†Reminded me of¬†handkerchiefs. ¬†Upcycling this into something better should be easy. Don’t you think that material is great? I machine-basted the bottom together, so it wouldn’t wiggle around on me while I worked. Separate the top from the bottom. The actual construction of the shirt was fairly simple using satin quilt binding. ¬†The only problem that I had was ironing out the binding itself. ¬†For this, I used a metal ruler (it was really hot, so be careful when touching the metal after ironing it!!), sliding the ruler out and ironing some more. Pin it together. This created the hem on the outside of the shirt. ¬†Putting the right sides together, I hand-basted the collar to the shirt. And I got this. ¬†Now it’s folded over. So I can machine sew it into place. ¬†This gives me a single blind stitch. I started on the “V” part of the shirt. ¬†There isn’t one, so attaching the binding created one. I’m going to have to hand-stitch this into place, and then machine-stitch on top of it. Next time, I want to think about turning the collar at the shoulders, so it doesn’t seem like I have a bulky collar in the back. ¬†Maybe two more “V”s at the shoulders. ¬†But I’m¬†decidedly¬†very…

Making a Pair of Earrings from Extra Beads

Jewelry and I get along pretty well, and I especially like necklace and earring sets. ¬†I am not a big fan of bracelets or rings, though, because they bother my hands during the day. ¬†(It’s REALLY annoying to hear the clack-clack when I am typing!) ¬†So I try to figure out ways to make sets even if I don’t have a set, like this lone necklace. Cut off the top wire, and be sure to file down (with a metal file) the end poking out. Put a bunch of beads onto a straight pin. ¬†You can easily find entire bead-making packages at Michel’s. Bend at the top, leaving some room for a swing. Using the pair of pliers as a guide, wrap the straight pin around the head of the pliers. ¬†Sorry for the blurry picture!! And there you have it, a nice new set of earrings. Final: With love, Follow me on Pinterest! Let me know what you think in the comments. Sharing some love: DIY Wood Bead Necklace (

Refashioning a Dress Into a Peasant Shirt

So I read that red was supposed to be a hot color (pardon the pun!) for the summer. ¬†I picked this up at the Salvation Army thinking to be in style, but I hate maxi dresses. ¬†(I look like a drowned rat in them!) ¬†Time for some restyling. I was perusing the mall … and came across this cute little top at NY & Company.¬†That chain is so cute!! I had to have it. ¬†So I cut the top of my dress off and then sewed up the side, leaving some room for the armpits. Ironed out the top to make a tube. And now we sew the tube together, on both sides. The dress came with little ties, so I used those for the two tubes, feeding them through with a safety pin. ¬†I made sure to pin the ends together. Using some hemming tape, I measured the chain strap length. Sew the chain into place. ¬†So the peasant-part would come upraveled (embarrassing moment, anyone?!?!), I also sewed the ends, where the chain meets the tie, to the tube part. The shirt would have been done now, but I want it to poof a little. ¬†So I sewed that hemming tape to the inside near the bottom of the shirt. Fed an elastic through, tied up all the loose ends (no pun!) and here we are! Turned out great! ¬†Here’s Joseph and Lex! Final: With love, Follow me on Pinterest! Let me know what you think in the comments….

Refashioning a Skirt from a Dress, Part II

I got out my skirt today that I upcycled a while ago, and I decided that I hated the hem. ¬†So today, I’m going to refashion my refashion. ¬†It’s not going to make it look significantly different, but it is going to help the waist. ¬†I’m going to teach you how to make a nice waistband, since I messed this one up so badly.¬†Remember this skirt?

Refashioning a skirt from a dress #upcycle #refashion #sewing

Well, the skirt has side ruffles in it, which completely messed up my hemming. ¬†See my bad job at sewing? ūüôā

Refashioning a Dip Dyed Dress

I found this great dress at the Salvation Army and it was only $3. It was also brand new, with the tags, which said it was a bridal dress. ¬†I’m not so sure any bride would wear it … as it was definitely see through as well. ¬†Almost looked like a nightgown actually. ¬†But with a few refashions, it will be a daytime dress! I’ve wanted to try dip dyeing for a while now, so I went out and bought some wine-colored RIT dye. ¬†Here we are in the bath. I sun dried the dress, and then ran it through a wash and a dry cycle. ¬†Alas, the white did not stay white as I hoped, but everything turned a kind of pink. ¬†Part of the reason for this was really the silk of the dress. ¬†Oh well. Cut off the top of the slip. It definitely needs a slip. ¬†So I bought one, at the Goodwill, for $1. ¬†I lined it up with the dress and made a mark. I’d like some of that lace to show actually. ¬†So I made the slip longer than the dress. Drew the line across to get an even edge. And ironed it. Even with the slip, it was still kind of see-through, so I added a third layer of some extra knit fabric I had lying around. ¬†What resulted was a very thick underskirt. Cut a length of cord for the ruffles. Fed it through the hem edge that was made at…

Remaking Capris with a Lettuce Hem

My daughter and I share one really annoying problem: we both can’t fit into any pants. ¬†She is 11 years old, and fits into a size 8 except for the length. ¬†Come summertime, this problem is generally easy to solve since I crop off all of her jeans and make them into shorts. ¬†(Adding length, on the other hand, is a real pain.) So for today’s project, I am going to show you how I refashioned a size 8 pair of pants into a pair of capris. ¬†This is more of a tutorial rather than a remake. ¬†I don’t own a serger machine, so I have to make do on a regular machine. First step is to make them shorter. If you can see, these pants also had a bleach spot on them. ¬†The easiest way to hem any pants is to fold them in half and then fold one pant leg over where you want to hem, making sure to make the fold perpendicular to the existing hem, since pant legs tend to be slightly angled. Make the cut. Remember to leave a bit of room (don’t make them too short) for the hemming. Now, sew them with a zig zag stitch which is close together. ¬†It is important to stretch the material on the “to be sewn” part. ¬†Since my sewing machine goes up to down (I push the material away from me), the part that is stretched is the part that is closest to me. ¬†It is…

Refashioning a Skirt from a Shirt

My niece Courtney gave me this fabulous idea on Pinterest. ¬†I hunted around the Goodwill until I found the perfect shirt. ¬†So today, we’re going to refashion this one into a skirt. ¬†As soon as you figure out how wonderfully easy, and how wonderfully sexy the result is, I bet you’ll make a dozen of them. Cut off the top, making sure there is enough at the bottom to cover your bottom. Cut a length of wide elastic the size of your waist. Sew the ends together. And then sew the ends to the elastic itself. Doing it this way will create your perfect waistband. ¬†It will be enough to create a slight stretch (and keep the skirt over your hips) but not enough to make you want to puke, like most elastic waistbands do. Next, sew the elastic to the skirt portion. ¬†You are going to have to stretch both the fabric and the elastic while stitching. And here is the result. What an awesome, completely fitted pencil skirt! ¬†Too easy-peasy. With love, Follow me on Pinterest! Let me know what you think in the comments. Sharing some love: 5 Ways to Refashion a Men’s Button-Up Shirt (

Refashioning a Skirt from a Dress

This dress was one of dresses from my mother. ¬†I really loved it but I have such a hard time wearing anything that I can’t wear a bra with. ¬†I realize that there are strapless bras … but those suck. ¬†So it’s time for a refashion! See the beadwork on the neck portion? ¬†I have GOT to save it! Very simple redo today. ¬†Cut off the top, and take that beadwork out … Sew up the bottom with some elastic band. ¬†Make sure to stretch the band and the skirt a bit so that it goes nicely together. And here is the final product. ¬†I used the beadwork as a necklace and the skirt came out fabulous paired with an Nanxson(TM) Women’s Soft Pu Faux Leather Obi Waist Band Belt PDW0009 black and a simple tank. ¬†And you gotta love Lex’s pose!! Final: With love, Follow me on Pinterest! Let me know what you think in the comments. Sharing some love: 49-Cent Friday: Purple Dress Refashion ( {Refashion} Navy-Striped Dress (

Making a Bag Holder

I love short sleeve tops because they are so versatile. ¬†I wear them the entire year with shorts, jeans, or skirts. ¬†If it’s cold, I throw on a sweater or a scarf on top to complete the look. ¬†But since I’ve been doing so many blog posts about refashioning tops into short sleeves, I thought I would do something different today. Remember this top? I ended up with two sleeves. I don’t have any photo instructions this week, but I thought I would just pass on a nice tip. ¬†These make great bag holders! ¬†And you know you have a thousand plastic bags floating around the house! I added a cotton band to the top from some scrap fat quarters, and a little hook from some extra binding tape. Here we are in use: With love, Follow me on Pinterest! Let me know what you think in the comments. Sharing some love: Skirt Refashion ( Learning to sew – the tale of the drawstring bag (

Remaking a Long Sleeved Knit Top

I found this knit top during one of my thrifting store scouts. ¬†I love the kind of pleated detail in the front, but the top itself was too big and I wanted a summer top, not a winter top. ¬†So I decided to make it exactly what I wanted. ūüôā   If you don’t have a sewing form, have a partner help you out. Since the sleeves weren’t tooooooo large, I used the line at the seam as a cutting point to cut off the sleeves. Sewing the sleeves up. Following the pins, I sewed up the sides. Make sure the seams at the underarms will stay put. I think it turned out pretty good! Here’s a close up of the pleat and the sleeve. With love, Follow me on Pinterest! Let me know what you think in the comments. Sharing some love: scoop top free pattern and tutorial ( The “Pretty” Play Shirt: an Updated Tshirt (

Refashion a Vest Into a Feminine Ruffle Shirt

Salvation Army had its annual 50% off day and that’s the perfect day to pick up some great finds for your refashion collection! ¬†But I find that most people don’t head to the new section — anything with a tag still on it is marked up about 40% more than the used stuff. ¬†At 50% off, though, it makes it worth it. ¬†This vest is one of the things I found and today, I’m going to remake it into something better. I love vests but a recent fashion trend (which I STILL don’t get!!!) is not to put buttons on the vest. Um, hello, cheap manufacturing?!?! ¬†My kids tell me “get over it” all the time, but it still bugs me. ¬†What if I want to close up the vest and wear it over a shirt, like, um, a vest is SUPPOSED to do? ¬†My solution to this vest, however, was to close it up permanently. ¬†I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it the moment I saw it. I don’t know if you can see the seam in this picture. ¬†It is part of the front panels. ¬†I am going to use these as a guide. Here’s a better picture. I tried on the vest, and put a blue mark on the inside where I wanted the shirt to start, e.g. the neckline. ¬†This will make a sexy “V” neck ruffle shirt. ¬†Sorry about my head shadow. ūüôā Starting at the blue mark, it’s time to sew…

Remaking a Ill-Fitted Dress Into Something Sexy

My daughter bought this fashion-woe. ¬†It was one of those really nice dresses that looked smashing on the rack, but was ill-fitted and ugly once you look in the mirror. ¬†Have you ever made one of those clothing mistakes? ¬†*Raises hand up high!*¬†She came to me to fix it for her, and after a lot of mulling around, I decided to chop at it. ¬†Last week I showed you how to¬†refashion a cute striped shirt longer by adding some lace. ¬†This week, we are going to use that same lace and remake this outfit, too. She is wearing a shirt underneath the dress in the first picture, because the neckline cut is just too low. ¬†A deep cut line can be very sexy, but it has to be a well-fit, first. After a few unsuccessful attempts to make a waistline, I decided that I needed to take the plunge and just chop the dress up. ¬†We happened to find another knit dress that fit her nicely at the Salvation Army the next week, so I used it as a pattern guide. Do you see the blue markings? As my youngest used to say when she was 5 years old, c’mon, let’s go, chop, chop!! From here, it was pretty easy. ¬†I pinned up the new sides and sleeves, turned it under, and sewed with a zig-zag stitch because of the knit stretch. ¬†To prevent the foot from snagging on the material and stretching it out, I used some tissue paper…

Refashioning a Cute Striped Shirt by Adding Lace & Making It Longer

I mostly shop for things that will look good, because I’m just too lazy to follow any kind of fashion trends. ¬†This spring, however, stripes have come back into style. ¬†Fashionistas, get out all those great shirts and sport them this season! ¬†I was so psyched when I found this shirt at the Salvation Army. ¬†It fits perfectly and it’s sexy. ¬†Too bad it’s too short! ¬†Time for an upcycle into something better. Here is Lex, being very cold while modeling the shirt for me: Since this shirt needs to be longer, I need to find another shirt to¬†cannibalize. ¬†Into the closet we go … and we find this cami that has been sitting there for oh, about five years. ¬†Love that little rose on top. ¬†Hate wearing it to bed. First thing is first. ¬†I have to undo the neckline. ¬†This isn’t entire necessary, but since the seam will be black against the white stripe, I have to be mindful that people are going to see it. ¬†The seam has a double line which my machine won’t do. ¬†One line is just going to have to cut it. ¬†I took the seam down all the way from one strap to the other. After the seam is gone from the front, I cut into the neckline to make it a little more plunging. Cutting up the cami, making sure to put enough for the new neckline. Although I like the look of the lace against bare skin, I think the…

Small Changes to a Shirt Make It Even Better

I got this shirt from the Salvation Army. ¬†There isn’t anything wrong with it, except I think it’s a little too coy for my taste. ¬†I’m not a big fan of the keyhole on the front of the shirt at all. ¬†So today, I am going to show how a small change can make something that you own into a favorite piece. Here is a closeup of the keyhole: It isn’t bad, really, I just don’t like it. This is going to be a relatively small and easy change. ¬†Since there is a little bow in the front, there is extra of the edging around the collar. ¬†I undid the bow, and undid the edging around the front. Next, I made the front of the shirt into a “V” shape, by hand. ¬†The edging kind of looks like it is attached, but it isn’t. Next, I just have to sew the edging back onto the “V” portion of the neckline. ¬†Since the material is very stretchy, I chose to do it by hand. And then, just remake the bow! Voila! ¬†Perfect! With love, Follow me on Pinterest! Let me know what you think in the comments.

Repurposing Fashion Clothing: Upcycling Pants From a Dress

Remember this lovely pile of scrap material from my Shirt from a Dress post two weeks ago?¬† Well, it’s time to put that wonderful fabric to upcycling use.¬† I’m going to make a pair of flowing, easy lounging pants.¬† I love pants like what I envisioning. Gotta hem the top over. And again.¬† Sew into place … … and I run into my first problem ūüôĀ¬† Needs a hole for the string that I cut off! Problem is, the hole is going to fray especially with all that friction of the string.¬† To solve this issue, I stuff some interfacing inside of the hole and ironed it to the inside of the hem.¬† That way, the interfacing will make the hole not fray. I sewed the string together (since it was in two parts) and weaved it through the hem of the pants. Next up, time to make the pant legs.¬† This is the trickiest part here because I have to generally measure where the crotch will be and then cut a triangle shape from the folded now-pants.¬† This fold should be done on the inside of the pants, although for this pair, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.¬† The dress originally had a slip in it on both sides, so I chose to keep it there for a funky little style. The bottom did not need to be hemmed.¬† I sewed up the inside side pant leg, and then ironed on some fusible interfacing.¬† The crotch area is…

Repurposing Fashion Clothing: Upcycling an Empire Waist Top from a Dress

One of the first things I uncovered from my mother’s wardrobe was this dress.¬† The concept of this dress is great except that it was for an old person.¬† Sorry, Mom!¬† However, this looks like it would make a great addition to a summertime swimming attire, so even though we are in the midst of winter spring, I decided to remake it for my daughter Liz. ¬†Fortunately, stripes are totally in this spring, so this would be the perfect upcycle. First step, cut it up.¬† I measured where the bust line would be by putting one of her tops on top of it and marking where it would go.¬† Notice that I cut a a strip out.¬† This is going to be the empire waist line. But this ugly pocket HAS to go.¬† Buh-bye. I attached the waist first.¬† I accidentally put it on backwards.¬† Since it folds down, it has to go on the outside of the dress, not the inside like one would normally make it.¬† Next up is the ruffle part.¬† Using pins, I stitched it into place with my machine. Voila! With love, Follow me on Pinterest! Let me know what you think in the comments.

Remaking a Dress into a Skirt

I found this dress at the Salvation Army the other day. ¬†There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, but it was a badly designed dress. ¬†Time to upcycle it into something I can wear: a skirt! ¬†Don’t you love it when you can take something that someone else couldn’t do anything with, and repurpose it? I loved it on the rack, but when I got it home, it left much to be desired. ¬†Probably because the cut on the top part of the dress was all wrong, and I couldn’t actually get into it because there was no zipper or ties. ¬†(Have you ever fit something over your hips the size of your waist? ¬†With no give at all? ¬†That’s what this dress was like.) Look at all that girly silky wonderfulness. Chop off the top, so pin up the skirt part so the sheerness of the fabric won’t be my undoing. I have this other black skirt, kind of like a satin-type of material, which has no shape. ¬†But it would be perfect for all the findings. ¬†I am going to steal all of it for my new skirt. ¬†I decided to use the waistband, too. But first, I have to measure out the length. ¬†Fortunately, the black skirt is a good length. Here’s the top portion. ¬†I’ll try to figure out someway to salvage this material, too. Pin up the waistband to the top. I’m going to need the zipper, so that’s the next to be…

Upcycling a Skirt for St. Patty’s Day by Shortening

I found this skirt at the Salvation Army and it’s been hanging around in my closet for a few months. ¬†I love the dyeing, lace and ruffles, but I hate the length. ¬†Here’s Lex trying it on. ¬†I’m going to try my hand at upcycling it, so that it is a shorter (mini) skirt instead. ¬†How awesome would that be? First thing is first. ¬†Let’s undo the waist ribbon, and set it aside. Cut the length just above the first lacy part. Pin and iron, making sure to fold over twice so there isn’t a raw edge. ¬†And you know how much I hate raw edges. ¬†Make sure to put a little bit of interfacing underneath somewhere, for the ribbon hole. Sew up the edging. ¬†Be sure to use the top fold-over as a guideline for your stitching, so that the sewing line is nice and even. ¬†In other words, don’t sew to the bottom, which might be all funky. Make me a hole! ¬†Remember to find your interfacing. ¬†And let’s string that ribbon back on through … Tada! ¬†The green is perfect for St. Patty’s Day. ¬†And to boot, it is totally in style for the spring fashion line, because according to Pantone, Emerald is in, in, IN! ¬†Psyched for my St. Patty’s Day party. Wouldn’t that be super cute with a white shirt? ¬†I love it. And here’s Lex modeling it for me, with my white knit shirt. With love, Follow me on Pinterest! Let me know what…

Repurposing Fashion Shirt: Upcycling a Dress, Part I

My friend gave me these three long summery dresses.¬† I love them, but I also hate dresses.¬† Actually, I hate skirts too, but dresses even more.¬† There was a time when all I did was wear dresses like these, so I was pretty stoked to get them.¬† Until they sat in the back of my closet, for like, years.¬† Time to remake them into something that I’ll wear! I decided to play around with the blue one.¬† I’m going to make myself a shirt. Lop that puppy right off! The strings had to be cut off too, since there wasn’t any point for them anymore.¬† Here’s the extra material … hmmm … I’m thinking another tutorial is coming up. Hemming the bottom is easy since this is cotton. But it needs some fusible interface because the hem frayed almost right away. Oh, so gorgeous!¬† Here is Lex modeling the shirt for me. And this week from around the blogs, I spotted another tutorial about shortening things called How to Shorten a Top Without Hemming. ¬†It says without cutting or hemming, but then the instructions tell you to cut the material, so … yeah. The web site is worth a look around.¬† The tutorial are fabulous and the pictures are even better.¬† She has a pretty nifty style, even though I don’t love everything she does.¬† (She also needs to learn how to spell, but that is just a blogging pet peeve of mine!) With love, Follow me on Pinterest! How…

Recycling Postal Mailers: How-To Make a Valentine’s Day Cupcake Picks

Apologies because this post is coming a day early, but I wanted to get it out in time for Valentine’s Day. ¬†Last week, I showed you how to make cute little heart pockets for the ones you love, but I can’t let those little bits and pieces of the USPS Postal Mailers go to waste, so I am making some cute cupcake picks to use them up. ¬†Those mailers make for wonderful craft projects, so be sure to recycle them into something special. ¬†(Just don’t go pick up the free ones from the post office – use them after they come to you!) ¬†You can make all sorts of ¬†recycled, repurposed, or upcycled crafts from these guys because they are so tough and strong. ¬†Also make sure to recycle them after you are done. I had a bunch of scraps left over from last week’s project, so I used that. ¬†But wait! ¬†First we have to make our cupcakes: While they are in the oven, I’m going to stamp up some cupcake picks. ¬†I don’t need much extra white space, so I can use lots of the scrap material. Glue up one side. And add a toothpick. ¬†Make sure to add some extra glue around the toothpick part! Put on the other side … And we have some cute little picks for our cupcakes! ¬†Out of the oven and yummy yum, these are great. You did make sure to add a splash of rum to that cupcake batter, didn’t you?…

Recycling Postal Mailers: How-To Make a Valentine’s Day Heart Pocket

USPS Postal Mailers make for wonderful craft projects, if you get one mailed to you. ¬†So instead of throwing them into the recycle bin¬†(yes, you can recycle those mailers), try upcycling them into a cute Valentine’s Day Heart for your kids. ¬†You can also make all sorts of recycled, repurposed, or upcycled crafts from these guys. ¬†Tough and strong, they are made to go through some abuse by mail carriers. ¬†Please just remember to recycle them after you use them! Start by cutting them up so that you can use the white space. ¬†I used 6 mailers for my project, because I wanted three big hearts. ¬†Please try to resist, and not pick up the mailers right from the post office, because they were nice enough to let us use them for free. I stamped a design into them. ¬†Here you can see that I have a heart theme, because I am making hearts. ¬†Notice the cookie cutter that I reused into a stamp! Now, cut out a big heart. Using my sewing machine, I sewed along the outside, leaving a hole in one of the heart’s rounded edges. Punch a hole into one corner using, well, a hole punch. ¬†I only have a 3 hole punch but it worked fine. ¬†The material sometimes catches, so you might need to clean up with a pair of scissors. Fill ‘er up! I made a little tag, with a hole punch and a stamp at the corner, so I can give it…

Repurposing (Upcycled) Fashion Clothing: Repurposing a Knit Shirt

I love upcycled clothing because not only is it frugal, but it is also eco conscious. ¬†Eco fashion! ¬†What a great phrase. ¬†At any rate … on my mother’s last visit to my house, she left behind this shirt.¬† I really like it, but I didn’t want to touch it because it holds some nostalgic value for me.¬† Also, it is about two sizes too big for me.¬† What to do? (Sorry for the photo.) Upcycling a Shirt How-To Since I had so much luck with dying, I decided the easiest way to upcycle this would be to dye & refit it.¬† I decided with black, and this time I used just the washing machine. It didn’t come out really black.¬† I had something else in the water, so that probably is why, or else I need to do it manually to start like I did with my remade sparkly pants.¬† But the purpose of the shirt was to make it another color than the white, so it did its job. At any rate, the first thing is that I needed to shorten the sleeves.¬† I tried to refit a blouse once without doing this, and it turned out awful.¬† The shirt makes it easy to do, because the layers on the crochet part makes a perfect cut out line. Here it is flipped inside out. Using the lines as a ruler, I cut off one crochet layer. That makes it easy to mark the line to refit the shirt,…

Repurposing (Upcycled) Fashion Clothing: Making Colored Jeans

My daughter Liz has an obsession with colored jeans. She must have had a dozen pairs before the craze even started.¬† One day, we decided that we were going to make our own pair of colored jeans using an old, ugly pair of dark denim that she had floating in the back of her closet. The first step is to bleach the jeans.¬† This was actually a difficult step, or at least time consuming and it made our bathroom smell like a pool.¬† We finally figured out that if you just left the jeans in the bleach water, it would magically do its stuff.¬† I used 1/3 bleach to 2/3 water. After bleaching, make sure to thoroughly rinse with cold water and then wash in your washing machine. Liz chose petal pink and yellow.¬† Since it was going to be a two-toned pair of jeans, we needed to do it by hand, and forgo the washing machine.¬† The water needed to be constantly agitated for about 30 minutes.¬† We tied the jeans to a curtain rod by a rubber band on one of the belt loops, and swished the one half around the water, occasionally splashing the water onto the middle. After rinsing that half, now it’s the other half’s turn. Jeans were rinsed out thoroughly and then washed in the washing machine.¬† Here’s the final result! A little of bit of glitter fabric spray, and we’re all set to model it!¬† Totally rad! With love, Follow me on Pinterest!…

Repurposing (Upcycled) Fashion Clothing: Adding a Little Fringe to Your Boots

We found this great fringe at JoAnn’s. Liz immediately fell in love with it and asked to attach it to her boots. Even though it isn’t really upcycling (more like decorating), I still dig the creativity. Here is the “before boot.” She added the fringe with the glue gun. I didn’t have to tell her to start the fringe at the back. The only problem with the fringe is that it frayed pretty easily, so she needed to secure it with the glue. I think she did a great job. Here she is showing off her new stash. Pretty cool, huh? Link posted on The Peaceful Mom. With love, Follow me on Pinterest! Don’t you love some fringe too?

CD Jewel Case Calendar to Make a Great Homemade Family Gift!

I found a great Photoshop template to make a family calendar¬†2017 CD jewel case calendar template. ¬†This makes a fun, frugal homemade Christmas/holiday gift idea using a jewel case. ¬†For my 2013 calendar template, I featured all the members of the family in one calendar.¬† My husband was great and printed out all the pictures, and the kids and I cut them out and inserted them into CD jewel cases. ¬†You can find CD or DVD jewel cases (if you don’t already have a hundred of them lying around) at any office supply store, right near the blank CD’s.

Upcycle and recycle old plastic CD cases into a cute, personalized gift for family members. Visit the site for different ways to repurpose ordinary items into something new. Refashioning, redoing, recycling, upcycling,

I was lucky enough that I had 12 members of the family, to feature for the 12 months of the year, but I made a rule that the youngest get displayed first and the oldest get bumped.  We had enough people, but the youngest are the most important for photographs, right?