70+ Awesome Sewing Projects for Valentine’s Day

Do you need some sewing projects for Valentine’s Day? Well, here is an awesome list of 70+ different things you can sew. I couldn’t help myself, and I needed to write a massive list of sewing patterns and ideas.

All of these DIY tutorials are free (no purchased pattern), with easy to follow instructions. Most are easy to do. I’ve broken all of these projects down into different categories such as clothing, pillows, quilts, and kitchen things.

Here's a list of 70 sewing projects for Valentine's Day! I couldn't help myself, and I needed to write a massive list of awesome sewing patterns and ideas.

70+ Sewing Projects for Valentine’s Day

Need more projects to sew for the day of love? (Or maybe you just like hearts or the color red!) Check out my Pinterest board.

T-Shirts and Clothing

Love Cut-Out T-Shirt

One of my most popular refashions! Super simple to do. Just cut out the heart and sew simple lines.

Refashion a faded gray-t-shirt into a heart cut out for Valentine's Day. #sewing #diy #refashion #upcycle

Knit Heart Dress Tutorial

This dress looks complicated to pull off, but I don’t think it is.

Reverse Applique Heart Shirt

Another great t-shirt refashion.

Chalk Art T-Shirt

This shirt looks like it would be super complicated but very cool.

Another Heart Cut-Out Refashion

Another one of my super simple refashions.

Refashion a plain gray-t-shirt into a heart cut out for Valentine's Day. #sewing #diy #refashion #upcycle

Heart Elbow Patches

Great for anything that has some worn out elbows!

Cookie Cutter T-Shirt

Very similar to my own refashion. I love the grid-like pattern!

Valentine Skirt

This skirt is very sweet.

A Heart Cut Out With Embroidery

My newest creation! Simple, with gold embroidery surrounding each heart.

Learn how to cut a heart in a shirt! It's easy to do. T-shirt material is the best to use because you do not need to even sew a seam. Simply fold, and cut. This cut out make a super simple t-shirt redo. You can be done and ready for Valentine's Day in less than five minutes.

Valentine’s Day Garland

Valentine’s Day Bunting Love Notes

I love this garland. You can put a sweet note inside each one. This would be great for the kiddos to unlock the days before Valentine’s … or maybe at a party.

Easy Felt Heart Garland Template

I like this garland for the mantel. I never know how to decorate mine!

The Easiest Heart Garland

You could also make this into a curtain of garlands.

Sweet Heart Stitched Valentine’s Banner

I think this garland would be special for a baby. I also like the non-traditional colors.

Valentine’s Day Pillows

Knock-Off Anthropologie Heart Pillow

Wow, I love this pillow.

Heart Pillow

OMG <3U!

Heart Block Valentine’s Pillow

Another quilter’s quick heart project.

Quilts For Love

12″ Heart Quilt Block Tutorial

A basic block. Good for making a full sized quilt.

Simple Heart Quilt

This quilt looks very simple to make (if you’re a quilter).

Pexel Heart Quilt

I love the pixelated look!

Heart Quilt Pattern

And last but not least, we have another quilt. This looks more complicated but super cool. I like that it’s very abstract.

Valentine’s Day Bags and Pouches

Heart Shaped Pouch Mini-Tutorial

I think this cute pouch would be great on my keychain.

Drop Cloth Goody Bags

These look like they would whip up fast. And I also love the notes.

DIY Valentine Fabric Envelopes

I think these are are a very cute way of giving your lover a sexy note.

DIY Faux Leather Heart Purse

Simple and understated. I think you could probably also use felt, as long as you didn’t put too much in it. Or any kind of non-fraying fabric, even a t-shirt.

Felt Candy Hearts

Another sewing craft with faux leather that you could make with felt or some other kind of non-fraying fabric. Seriously, I also just looked up the cost of faux leather on Amazon. It’s super cheap!

Valentine Goodie Bag

For full size Snickers.

DIY Fabric Hearts for Valentine’s Day

These look easy to sew, and you can decorate the edges with pinking shears. If you need some felt, you can buy some pink and red felts.

Valentine’s Day Drawstring Bag

Great for giving away candy to the office or kiddos.

Valentine’s DIY Fabric Basket

You can make this basket for all sorts of holidays.

Heart Box Tutorial

Again, great for the sewer!

DIY Valentine’s Fabric Envelopes

Great little envelopes for candy.

Valentine’s Day Heart Bag

Put all those fun Valentine’s that your child passes out.

Denim Heart Pencil Pouches

I love the different color than red or pink.

Sweetheart Zip Pouch

Makeup for your sweetie.

Felt Heart DIY Earbud Pouch

I’m not sure I could convince my kid to give up her Air Pods, but I could definitely use it to clean up all sorts of small cords.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Ragged Heart Wreath

I love wreaths for their simplicity. I’m not really into decorating (believe it or not), but wreaths are pull down and put up. Easy-peasy.

Wreath With Felt Hearts

Another simple wreath.

Valentine’s Day Kitchen Things To Sew

Valentine Felt Placemat

This sewing project would be great for a Valentine’s Day tea party. Pair it with the tea bags (below).

Coffee Cozy From Socks

A fun way to use up your socks, although I think maybe a little smelly.

“Warm Heart” Cozy Coffee

I like this coffee cozy too.

Valentine Heart Coaster Tutorial

A cool coaster if you like quilting but don’t want to commit to a huge project.

Valentine Pot Holder

You could make a matching kitchen set.

Heart Oven Mitts

Another cool oven mitt set.

Simple To Sew Valentine Coasters

These definitely look simple to make. You could probably also do placemats and oven mitts the same way.

Fabric Heart Coasters

Very cute coasters.

Other Valentine’s Day Sewing Patterns

Pocket Kitty

Words cannot describe how much I love this little kitty. This is probably my favorite of the sewing projects for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Another super cute felt project.

DIY Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe Game | via Make It and Love It

Heart Heating Pads

Throw these in the microwave and you can have some instant heat for your muscle aches.

Quick and Simple Valentine’s Baby Bibs

Get baby into the spirit.

Scrappy Heart Pillow

I totally love this pillow, but the quilting involved seems like a master.

Bursting Heart Pillow

Wow. This could be so many cool colors.

Secret Pocket Pillow

I also love the sweet note.

Super Quick and Easy Valentine Heart Pillow

You can refashion a t-shirt for this pillow.

Scrappy Heart Pillow

I totally love this pillow, but the quilting involved seems like a master.

Heart Sweater Pillow Covers

I’ve got plenty of sweaters that I can use.

Heart String Pillow

Simple and understated. I like the two different color hearts.

Other Valentine’s Day Sewing Projects

Valentine’s Day Embroidery Hoop Art

You can throw these up for quick pictures.

Heart Hoops

Simple decoration that you can hang up, even all year around.

Valentine’s Day Envelope Chair Backer Tutorial American Greeting

I like this sewing project. This would be great if you gave Valentine’s Day cards at a party or in a classroom.

Conversation Heart Keychain

In case you didn’t want to decorate but still want to be in the romantic spirit.

Heart Dog Scarf

These sewing projects for Valentine’s Day aren’t just for humans. Get Fido into the love spirit.

Love Koi Plushies

A set of super cute Valentine’s Day plushies. FYI, a red and white colored koi is called Kuchibeni in Japanese, and it is a symbol for love. Hence, why this sewing project is so absolutely cool.

Heart Hand Warmers

Stick these babies in your pocket before leaving, and you’ll be nice and warm even when it’s cold outside.

Heart Mouse Pad

Not exactly a sewing project, but it does use fabric so …

Felt Fortune Cookies

Put some sexy notes in these …

Felt Heart Bookmarks

For the book lovers among us. I raise my hand high!!!

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

Use with some of these awesome coasters.

Valentine Day Sucker

Okay, these are super cute. They are even appropriate for the office!

Valentine Hearts

You should make these into nice smelly sachets.

X-Stitched Hand Warmer

I’m not the best at embroidery, but this is super cute and looks easy to do. Just an X. X marks the spot!

hand warmer

Heart Pincushion

A double nice project because it’s for YOU, the sewer!

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I love all of these Valentine’s Day sewing tutorials, everything from shirts to kitchen stuff to garlands … and more. Which one is your favorite? (Mine is the pocket kitty, if you couldn’t tell!)

Here's a list of 70 sewing projects for Valentine's Day! I couldn't help myself, and I needed to write a massive list of awesome sewing patterns and ideas.

Here's a list of 70 sewing projects for Valentine's Day! I couldn't help myself, and I needed to write a massive list of awesome sewing patterns and ideas.

Here's a list of 70 sewing projects for Valentine's Day! I couldn't help myself, and I needed to write a massive list of awesome sewing patterns and ideas.





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